TICKETS for Australia’s most extensive regionally-led energy conference are currently on sale.

The three-day event will focus on local actions being undertaken with global insight as Gippsland navigates our transition to renewable energy.

“The Gippsland New Energy Conference builds on the region’s proud history as an energy powerhouse. We have powered Victoria’s manufacturing and domestic power supply for close to 100 years, and we shall continue to lead the nation now in supplying clean, renewable power,” Wellington Shire Councillor and Gippsland Climate Change Network Chief Executive, Darren McCubbin said.

Events will run from Tuesday, September 3, until Thursday, September 5. They include the two-day energy conference, evening and breakfast networking, a free community expo, and the Gippsland New Energy Youth Summit.

Like previous years, sessions will cover the latest wind, solar, battery, hydrogen, and geothermal technology updates.

Themes around supply chain procurement, skills, infrastructure, and manufacturing opportunities will be showcased, with additional discussions on community energy resilience and engaging with Traditional Owners.

This year’s agenda has also been expanded with content on circular economy models, building biodiversity into the bigger picture, and more.

The Gippsland Climate Change Network facilitates GNEC, but the event is made possible through extensive partnerships and multi-agency working groups. This year, the Latrobe City Council will host the event.

Announcement: Latrobe City Mayor, Darren Howe is excited to host the New Energy Conference in Latrobe City. Photograph supplied

Latrobe City Mayor, Darren Howe said, “Hosting the conference this year fills us with great excitement and pride, underscoring our region’s commitment in the energy sector. It serves as an opportunity to collaborate and discuss critical matters within the energy industry and learn about the cutting-edge technologies that will shape our future projects.”

“As Australia’s most heavily impacted and transitioning region, we stand with our community to support the equitable transition of our region’s industry landscape and economy. Our goal is to foster partnerships that drive innovation and inspire actionable strategies that benefit both our environment and our economy.”

Wellington Shire Council hosted the first successful GNEC conference in 2022 and again in 2023. They see the conference as crucial in highlighting Gippsland’s leadership in the renewable energy sector, particularly in offshore wind, and are again a key partner for 2024.

“Our commitment to renewable energy is not just about making sure our region is ready to transition and support Victoria’s new energy goals, but also about driving economic growth, creating jobs, and ensuring a sustainable future for our local community. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transition and look forward to the innovative solutions and partnerships that will come from this year’s event,” Wellington Shire Mayor, Ian Bye said.

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