Trails reopen

MOUNTAIN bike riders, horse riders and bushwalkers can rejoice in light of news the recreation trails at Blores Hill, within the Glenmaggie Regional Park, reopened on Monday.

Parks Victoria ranger in charge Mike Dower said the risk posed by the recent fire activity in the Heyfield and Glenmaggie area meant the park had to be closed as of 18 January to ensure the safety of park users.

“With the threat now eased in the local area we have assessed the conditions and deemed it safe for visitors to return,” he said.

The Blores Hill MTB Park is only minutes from Heyfield, on the outskirts of Lake Glenmaggie.

The park is popular with local riders and walkers and is increasingly attracting visitors from the Latrobe Valley and Melbourne.

“The site is particularly well known for its mountain bike trails which have a reputation for being some of the best in the state,” Dower said.

Visitors should be aware that some recreation areas remain closed.

“While the Blores Hill MTB Park was not impacted directly by fire, there are other forested areas around Heyfield and Glenmaggie that were, in particular the Glenmaggie Regional Park and some other reserves east of the Glenmaggie weir remain closed.

“We will complete assessments of those areas and re-open them once we are sure they are safe for visitors to return.”

With the focus still on fire suppression, definitive timeframes are unavailable, but fire managers are hopeful it will be in time for the Easter holidays.

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