Drivers pledge to slow down

The message was clear for Latrobe Valley drivers – ‘Wipe off 5’ – when a Transport Accident Commission roadshow came to Morwell and Traralgon on Friday.

The TAC’s roadshow promoting its long-running campaign, urging drivers to slow-down and adhere to the speed limit, stopped at Traralgon Police Station and Morwell Football Ground.

Latrobe Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Ellane Clarke said the message was especially important in Latrobe Valley, where most of the towns were 60 kilometre per hour zones.

“Travelling just five kilometres over the limit in a 60km/h zone doubles your risk of crashing,” Sgt Clarke said.

“What the TAC are doing is fantastic in coming to our towns, trying to get the message out there and supporting what we do every day at highway patrol.”

TAC media and communications officer Nick Price said the aim of the campaign was to make low-level speeding as “culturally unacceptable as drink driving”.

“We thought allowing community members to sign a pledge on the letters was an innovative way to take the message across Victoria,” Mr Price said.

“It’s positive to see the road toll gradually decrease in the 25 years of TAC’s existence to its lowest toll since records began, 282 (deaths).

“The TAC is always looking for new ways to try and make every Victorian’s journey safer.”

Mr Price said the roadshow was just one part of a state-wide campaign to stop low-level speeding drivers, with a competition also underway in which Victorians could win $5000 for their most innovative ideas on how to ‘Wipe off 5’.

“The TAC wants Victorians to come up with the most creative way to articulate the ‘Wipe off 5’ message in their daily life and share it online at or on Twitter or Instagram with #wipeoff5,” Mr Price said.