Duo to chase down goals at Open

Two of Latrobe Valley’s young tennis talents have earnt themselves a spot as ball kids at the 2017 Australian Open.

Joshua Lyons, 13, and Hunter Eenjes, 14, will be ball kids for some of the world’s best tennis players at the Open.

It is a huge accomplishment to be selected, with more than 2000 hopefuls trying out for the 330 positions.

Eenjes said they underwent trials and four months of training before being selected.

“There was many trials over certain periods of weekends and days for about three-hour sessions,” Eenjes said.

The key to being selected was doing the job well and practicing outside of the training sessions, the boys said.

“(The key was) being persistent in your roles and servicing the players,” Eenjes said.

“It was just being good,” Lyons added.

Lyons was a ball kid at this year’s Australian Open, and said it was a great opportunity.

“The experience (was great) in getting up close to the players and meeting the players,” Lyons said.

“(The highlight was) probably ball-kidding Andy Murray.”

Eenjes will be attending as a ball kid for the first time, and said he looked forward to the experience.

“It’s very exciting,” Eenjes said.

Both boys want to be a ball kid for Roger Federer at the Open, one of their favourite players.

Lyons’ mother, Cathie Bond, said she was glad the boys received recognition for their hard work.

“I’m just extremely proud of them. They’ve done an awesome job,” Bond said.

Both boys are members of the Gippsland Elite Academy and hope to become professional tennis players.

Lyons competed at the Bendigo International tournament last weekend, where he finished runner-up in the consolation round doubles.

“(I learnt) just to have a good hussle and grind more,” Lyons said.

Eenjes could not compete after injuring his finger.

*Aimee Dawson is a journalism student from La Trobe University