Traralgon Harriers tackle Crinigan Road Bushland Reserve

The Traralgon Harrier’s five-kilometre handicap race last Thursday over winding, criss-crossing trails and held in summery conditions was a winner.

The route along Crinigan Road Bushland Reserve was winding and well-marked to create an exhilarating single five-kilometre circuit, rather than the usual six-kilometre two lapper. Despite bright-coloured direction arrows, there was confusion at some of the intersections, creating an unusual results list.

About 42 runners and walkers took part in the events, with the five kilometre handicap being led home by Michelle Sawyer, (24 minutes, 10 seconds), Warren Shields (24.32) and Simone Forbes (24.50).

Shields, having regained much of his old form, is running strongly and this week came out ahead of his traditional rival, Forbes, who has been placing reliably in the top five finishers for some weeks.

The Harriers welcomed two new participants to its event: Steve Reside and Tim Fleay.

Reside finished in fourth position in the handicap, while Fleay finished with the 10th fastest time overall – both strong efforts. This Thursday’s event is the Traralgon Glenview Park Race Course five kilometre handicap, just off McNairn Road, at 6pm. The intermediate race is three kilometres and the junior event is one kilometre.

Registrations for the races are at 5.30pm.

The public is encouraged to join in.

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5KM: Michelle Sawyer 24.10, Warren Shields 24.32, Simone Forbes 24.50, Steve Reside 29.00, Belinda Heafield 31.29, Ian Cornthwaite 21.00, Peter Grixti 32.00, Darrel Cross 24.28, Kayla Gallert 25.35, Lance Thomas 25.38, Glenn Graham 22.40, Steve McLeod 22.48, Georgia Pearson 25.52, Edi Murat 25.14, Tim Fleay 25.47, Gary Fox 27.10, Diana Van Rhine 32.22, Tylah Whitehead 29.43, Karen Graham 26.46, Cheryl Thomas 29.49, Kaye Livingstone 31.28, Pete Sanders 26.30, Ian Heafield 35.39, Tanis Whitehead 29.40, Ann Bomers 40.47, David Mann 33.17, Barry Higgins 36.26, Phil Mayer 31.40, Helen Whitby 37.02.

TRAINING RUN: Sue Elsdon, Liz Kenney.

3KM: Georgia Callaway 21.50, Kathy Quinn 29.39, Debbie Henry 29.40, Bruce Salisbury 26.35, Ben Bailey 23.16, Hunter Bailey 23.14, Ray Ellis 31.06, Barry Summersgill 26.36.

2 KM: Becky Matthews 16.04, Cassie Matthews 16.04

1 KM: Ameli Krafft-Murat 8.05