Ready to hit the rink

The thrills and spills of live roller derby are returning to the Latrobe Valley.

Following a very successful hosting of the 2016 Grand Final event, Latrobe City Roller Derby will host round seven of the Statewide Stampede Victorian Roller Derby competition this Saturday at Stadium 34 in Moe.

Latrobe City Roller Derby’s very own Messacre and Rolling Matilda’s captain Maulin Brando will gear up for Team Regional Victoria to take on the might of Ballarat Roller Derby League’s Rat Pack in game three at 1.50pm.

The day will include four games jam-packed with skill, athleticism, team work and strategy, as well as a fun developmental scrimmage.

Latrobe City Roller Derby president Caitlin Grigsby said the Statewide Stampede was a one-of-a-kind event.

“The tournament is particularly significant this year because Victoria Roller Derby is currently number one in the world,” Grigsby said.

“We have one of the healthiest roller derby communities in the world which is amazing for our little club in Gippsland.”

After a hugely successful showing of the event last year, she hopes this year’s edition will be just as fruitful.

“It’s really rare to get a second opportunity to run this event, and this sets us up for a whole year,” Grigsby said.

“We bust our bums for hours, days and weeks in the lead-up to make this possible.

“Our floor businesses have backed us again this year and without them this wouldn’t be happening.”

Funds raised from this event will help Latrobe City Roller Derby in their efforts to renovate their Traralgon training shed and fund new developmental programs for Gippslanders wishing to try out this sport with a difference.

The day will also feature local business market stalls, food and drink stores and the famous ‘Epic Raffle’.

“The little bit of money we raise from the raffle is everything to us,” Grigsby said.

“Every cent raised from this event will help us renovate for a safer, better training space so that we can survive and thrive.

“Our floor businesses have backed us again this year and without them this wouldn’t be happening.”

The family-focused event will also include plenty of activities for kids and lots of fun giveaways.

Trackside seating is available.

The event will be held from 9.30am to 6.30pm at Moe’s Stadium 34. For more information visit ‘Latrobe City Roller Derby’ Facebook page.