Powerhouse pair flex their muscles

Brett Harle bowls for Morwell Club on Saturday.




A GOOD day for bowls with the cooler conditions allowing for pleasant playing conditions after the rain storms of the last week or so.
Ladder leaders Drouin and Trafalgar were unable to combat the formidable Traralgon and Newborough teams, who returned to the top two positions on the ladder.
Newborough jumped away to a massive lead over Trafalgar and were never headed.
Kevin Lovett and his rink of Brian Carpenter, Michael Weatherall and Neale Houston won 34-13 over Paul Dawson.
Tommy Lodge enjoyed beating former teammate Ian Miles 27-17 despite losing a seven on one end.
Alan Grubb defeated Tim Fraser 36-19 and Nosha Michaels completed the rout with a 25-16 win over Darren Kane, returning Newborough to second on the ladder.
Newborough 18-122 defeated Trafalgar 0-65.
Matt Ferrari and his rink of Kirsty Van den Hoff, Kevin Enguell and Ian Kirkup led the way for Traralgon as they had a strong 30-19 win over Drouin skipper Sheryl Atkinson.
Vin McIlwain defeated Samantha Atkinson 26-17 and James Scullin edged out Toby Wallace 31-28.
Mark Atkinson was the only winning Drouin skipper, winning 24-21 over Phil Mustoe.
Traralgon and Drouin swapped places on the ladder with Drouin slipping to third.
Traralgon 18-108 defeated Drouin 2-88.
Moe broke the ice to gain their first win back in Division 1 with a sound performance over a confident Warragul, who accounted for Newborough last week.
Sandy Caines was the star for Moe with his rink of Paul Read, Bob Rennie and Barry Hawkett having a 32-16 win over Bill Clappers.
Jayde Leech had a 27-19 win over Janette Gallasch and Stuart Caines had a 26-24 win over Matt Schreyer.
The lone winning Warragul rink of Graeme Davis won 22-21 over Steve Pallot.
Moe 16-106 defeated Warragul 2-81.
Traralgon RSL got back on the winners list at home against Morwell Club, who were fresh from defeating Traralgon the previous week.
Ross Sizeland and his rink of Chris Brown, Ross McKenzie and Terry Hunter won 35-9 over Rod Smith.
Morice Gardiner won 27-16 over Glenn Trembath,
Brett Harle had a 33-17 win over Beau Williamson and Nobby Noblett defeated Rick Lukey 24-18, leaving Traralgon RSL the winners by 15 shots.
Traralgon RSL 14-97 defeated Morwell Club 4-82.
Morwell slaughtered Traralgon RSL (2) by more than 100 points which was one of the biggest victories in recent years.
Ernie King defeated Jeff Blythman 43-6 and David Cook defeated Gordon Asbury 44-9.
Nathan Cook won 36-17 over Joseph Ward and Ron Lyfield completed the sweep with a 31-20 win over Ron Osler.
Morwell 18-154 defeated Morwell 0-52.
Longwarry welcomed Thorpdale, who struggled on the unfamiliar surface.
Matt Eccles defeated Brendan Jennings 34-8 and Ken Towt defeated Danny Vanzuylen 25-9.
Ken White won 29-25 over Ross Kennedy with the lone Thorpdale winning rink being Ben Powell, who defeated Jason Lieshout 25-16.
Longwarry 16-104 defeated Thorpdale 2-67.
Joan Goldie had a good win at Neerim District winning 34-17 over Angus McGillivray to help set up a good Newborough win.
The other Newborough winning rink was John Wasiukiewicz, defeating Peter Throup 30-22.
Shane Hogan had a 28-19 win over Gary Ingley and Ross Pollard had a 22-21 win over Graham Cocks to give Neerim District two wins.
Even so, it was not enough for Neerim District to gain victory.
Newborough (2) 14-96 defeated Neerim District 4-89.
Drouin (2) welcomed Traralgon (2) and Col Jeffrey led the way with a 35-21 win over Cary Locke.
Other winning Drouin (2) rinks were Phil Jarred, who defeated John Taylor 41-21 and Brian Thorpe, who defeated Graham Cross 24-19.
The lone Traralgon (2) winner was Barry Fernance, who defeated Bruce Andrews 29-15.
Drouin (2) 16-115 defeated Traralgon (2) 2-90.
Garfield travelled to Newborough (3) and Nick Henwood and his rink of Frank Prins, Ron Saunders and Tom Cleary (who won 38-11) were the only visiting winners.
The locals had winners in Ken Bechaz and Jim Cuthbertson.
Robbert Cook drew shot on the last end for the home team to finish level with Stephen Whyte, leaving Garfield the winners by nine shots.
Garfield 13-99 defeated Newborough (3) 5-90.
Warragul (3) with Bob Currie having a 36-18 win over Rex Price, Jim Moyle winning 31-18 and David Gatewood winning 26-23, enjoyed a good victory over Moe (2).
Val Griffiths was the lone Moe winning skipper, scoring a 31-23 victory.
Warragul (2) 16-116 defeated Moe (2) 2-90.
Morwell (2) travelled to Yinnar, with three skippers Bob Skinner (33-19), Shashi Bhatti (17-16) and Ken Turner (25-22) successful.
The lone Yinnar winning skipper was Russ Peters, who won 22-20.
Morwell (2) 16-95 defeated Yinnar 2-79.
Norbert Schroeter had a 36-19 win for Traralgon (3) at Boolarra and was assisted by other winning skippers May Cross and Brendan Smiles.
The lone Boolarra winner was Darren Napier.
Traralgon (3) 16-117 defeated Boolarra 2-84.
Newborough (4) visited Trafalgar (2) and Charlie Cadby led the way with a 26-12 win, while the other successful Newborough (4) skippers were Rod Dixon and Trevor Ball.
The lone Trafalgar (2) winner was Mal Clymo.
Newborough (4) 16-98 defeated Trafalgar (2) 2-76.
Warragul (3) welcomed Yarragon with Keith Wilkins and his rink of Gary Thomas, Ray Headspeath and Chris Wilkins winning 40-12.
The other winning Warragul (3) skippers were Russell Carrick and Roy Hammond.
The lone winner for Yarragon was Jason Roberts.
Warragul (3) 16-111 defeated Yarragon 2-75.
Yallourn North had Rod Matthews and Darren Fry both fifteen shots up and George Platschinda made it three winning skippers.
Stuart Hulse was the lone winning Traralgon (4) skipper.
Yallourn North 16-118 defeated Traralgon (4) 2-96.
Morwell (3) with Bob D’Brass winning 39-14 and supported by winning skippers Ian Auld, Bob Lorenz and Trevor Curtis had a clean sweep over Drouin (3).
Morwell (3) 18-119 defeated Drouin (3) 0-65.
Traralgon (5) 16-88 had a big win over Moe (3) 0-50 with Ron Hales, Brian May and John Richardson the winning skips.
Garfield (2) 12-71 defeated Neerim District (2) 4-56 with Don Knight the only winning skipper winning 29-12.
The two winning Neerim skippers Malcolm Collins and Russell Meehan each prevailed by one shot.
Traralgon RSL (3) 14-78 defeated Morwell (4) 2-51 with Margaret Morley winning 33-12.
Frank Metcalf was the other winning skipper for RSL and Daryl Coleman won by one shot to give Morwell (4) two points.
Morwell Club (2) 14-77 defeated Churchill 2-57 with Beryl Noblett and Lisa Arnold being the big winners for Morwell Club (2).
Chris Thomas was the winner for Churchill.
Newborough (5) 8-45 defeated Boolarra (2) 2-35, Trafalgar (3) 10-64 defeated Yinnar/Churchill 0-18, Trafalgar (4) 10-57 defeated Traralgon (6) 0-42, Morwell Club (3) 10-57 defeated Yallourn North 0-45, Thorpdale (2) 10-49 defeated Longwarry (2) 0-37.
In Division 1, Drouin faces another big test when it hosts Newborough, who are looking to consolidate second place on the ladder.
Warragul after beating Newborough at home recently will be looking to follow up with a win over top team Traralgon.
Moe travel to Morwell Club for what could be an important game to decide who sits at the tail of the ladder. Traralgon RSL will aim to beat Trafalgar and swap places and rise to fourth on the ladder.
In Division 2 there are some interesting games with Neerim District hosting Traralgon RSL (2), Traralgon (2) hosts Longwarry, Thorpdale hosts top team Morwell and Newborough (2) travels to Drouin (2).