Clarkes Road tests Harriers

Powering home: Kaye Livingstone crosses the finish line in great form. photograph supplied


LAST week’s Thursday night run for the Traralgon Harriers was a 6km run at Clarkes Road.
We had a great turnout with a total of 53 runners of all abilities including two first-timers.
The Clarkes Road course has some challenging hills and in the humid conditions – runners found it a battle against the heat.
The competition between youth and experience continues with Ian Cornthwaite first home in a great time of 24.16 closely followed by young Miles Verschuur (25.23) and Glenn Graham (27.14).
Yani Cornthwaite was the first lady home with 29.32 followed by Bryanna Mifsud (30.49) and Liz Kenney (31.00).
Full Results: Ian Cornthwaite 24.16, Miles Verschuur 25.23, Glenn Graham 27.14, Darrel Cross 27.38, Shane Gavin 27.40, Rob Preston 28.02, Warren Shields 28.36, Jason Odlum 28.50, Owen Notting 29.15, Yani Cornthwaite 29.32, Ian Twite 30.16, Pete Sanders 30.35,
Tobiasz Grzmil 30.37, Bryanna Mifsud 30.49, Stephen McLeod 30.52, Chris Van Unen 30.59, Liz Kenney 31.00, Giuseppe Marino 31.27, Karen Graham 32.01, Glenn Gates 32.33, Darren Tatterson 33.25, Alysha Duncan 34.10, Gary Fox 34.11, Kate Mayer 35.58, Lucy Magaldi
36.30, Michael Walker 37.53, Phill Mayer 37.53, David Hood 38.06, Ron Verschuur 38.15, Sheryl Millar 38.19, Tania Whitehead 38.21, Cynthia Rodriguez 38.27, Kathleen Kent 39.13, Catherine Leonard 39.26, Desley Tulloch 39.30, Kaye Livingstone 42.03, Maree Graham 42.41, Vicky Aitkens 43.22, Bjorn Luxman 43.26, Susan Poole 48.40, Steve Renehan 49.40, Ann Bomers 50.10, Ian Heafield 50.57, Denise Twite 52.36, Barry Higgins 57.05, Peter Grixti 60.00, Kathy Quinn 64.09, Michelle Colwell 64.09, Belinda Heafield 64.09, Kylee Earl NTR, Christina Creighton NTR, Alli Triggs NTR, Andrew Legge NTR