Wet, cool conditions at Grand Ridge

Out and about: Chris and Lynne Bickhoff. photographs supplied



It may have started a little dull and wet, but 10 brave soles both regulars and new were keen to get out and about on the Grand Ridge Rail Trail.
Only a little bit of rain greeted participants at the brief, where Jodie made everyone all feel very welcome.
No parkrun milestones were achieved this week.
The 10 stood at the start line with a few jokes at how silly we were to be out and then we were off.
The wet rainforest look made the run a little easier especially on the way back up the hill. It was wet, but participants said it felt so good to be on the trail.
The volunteers did an amazing job getting all the jobs done with lots of smiles and laughter all round.
There was also an all-round female team for International Women’s Day.

Powering along: Peter Doolan during the weekend’s Grand Ridge Rail Trail.