Wildcats in overtime

Thriller: Woodside won the A Grade flag in overtime against Rosedale. photograph zoe askew



THE A Grade netball Grand Final was a match for the ages.
Woodside ended up winning in overtime, defeating Rosedale.
With 60 seconds left, the score was Rosedale 40, Woodside 39, before the Wildcats levelled things up.
From the Blues centre, Carly Johnstone passed to Demi Plunkett, Plunkett to Sarah Mayman, Mayman feeding the ball to Meg Gordyn.
Obstruction Woodside goalkeeper, Gordyn misses.
Lorelle Lowe sets up for her shot, time is called.
The 60 minutes were up, and the scores were tied.
Teams returned to their bench, hastily taping body parts and sipping much-needed water before returning to the court to play seven minutes each side in overtime.
Woodside was first to score. Woodside scored again and again and again.
A belligerent Libby Nicol put away eight consecutive goals for Woodside.
Rosedale scrounged up a few goals, but as Woodside pulled away, the Blues’ hearts fell heavy.
After 74 exhausting minutes, Woodside claimed their victory, defeating Rosedale 56 to 48.
The talent and efforts from both teams was exceptional, but it was Woodside’s Caitlan Ponton who took home the best on court.