Midweek returns after Vic Open





MIDWEEK Bowls returned for Round 6, after a week off for the Victorian Open and the playing conditions were certainly an improvement on recent weeks.


NEWBOROUGH travelled to Warragul and the home team won narrowly in a tight contest.

Janette Gallasch and her rink of Matt Draisma, Elsie Hefford and Peter Gallasch had a 16-14 win over Joan Goldie and her rink of Bob Goldie, Jeff Wetzel and Julie Jackson.

Gabrielle Draisma and her rink of Ian Belling, Jim Power and Margaret Ratcliffe had a 21-20 win over Heather Mooney and her rink of Peter Policha, Fran Clark and Rod Lewis.

For the visitors Jo-Anne Michaels and her rink of Ed and Mary Whelan together with Nosha Michaels had a 20-19 win over Pat Hammond and her rink of John Vickerman, Gaye Renn and Graeme Davis .

Warragul 14-56 defeated Newborough 2-54

TRARALGON welcomed Morwell and Kathy Smiles and her rink of Chris Thomas, Ian Bloomfield and Rosie Lorenz defeated Rita Reddiex and her rink of Ross Harford, Shirley Skinner and john Osborne 37-14.

As for the visitors Kerry Wright and her rink of Bill Tumney, Irene Biggs and Kevin Pigdon defeated Pat Trewin and her rink of Carolyn Roscholler, Ron Baker and Garry Trewin 27-20.

Judy Tumney and her rink of Helen Cook, Bob Skinner and Keith Gadsby had a 19-15 win over Paddy Francis and her rink of Barry Fernance, Marion Cartledge and Bill Francis.

Traralgon 12-72 defeated Morwell 4-60

IN a close game at Drouin, Morwell Club came close to a win with Beryl Noblett and her rink of Iyoko Yoshimura, Roger Rejmer and Sue Karleusa defeating Denise Hamilton and her rink of Ron Westrup, Jan Aubrey and Dennis Throup 23-19.

However, the home team fought back with Maureen Leighton and her rink of Elaine Thorpe, John Leighton and Geoff Bailey winning 21-13 over Jan Karleusa and her rink of Dashaa Martin, Jody Capp and Gail Rejme.

Whilst Sheryl Atkinson and her rink of Mary and Les Firth together with Mark Atkinson drew 16-all with Tess Borg and her rink of Leanne Broadbent, Bernie Kirkup and Robert ‘Nobby’ Noblett.

Drouin 13-56 defeated Morwell Club 3-52

VISITORS Trafalgar defeated Traralgon RSL by one shot with only one rink up.

Sue Robinson and her rink of Carol Saunders, Shirley Melsen and Paul Dawson won 23-12 against Margaret Gibbins and her rink of Margaret Morley, Lyn Mackintosh and Jeff Blythman.

For the home team Julie Sutcliffe and her team of Titch Hore, Margaret Morley and Max Gibbins defeated Helen Robertson and her rink of Carolyn Fox, Col Carmichael and Ken Capper 19-11.

Marianne Hodson and her rink of Adriana Eaton, Gordon Bayley and Dave Hodson defeated Heather Taylor and her rink of Pat Tatterson, Terry Robertson and Tim Anderson 23-21.

Trafalgar 12-55 defeated Traralgon RSL 4-54


MOE welcomed Newborough (3) and had a good win with Val Rodgers and her team of Stan Sheedy, Brian Rodgers and Brenda Hosking defeating Joy Cadby and her rink of Helen Grubb, Michael Holroyd and Charlie Cadby 20-16.

This was Joy and Charlie’s last game of midweek pennant as they make tracks to their new home in South Australia.

Val Griffiths and her team of Stan Myers, Len Middling and Robyn Dodd had a 25-12 win over Natalie Lambos and her rink of John Vicic, Alan Luck and Adrienne Birchall.

For the visitors Heather Disisto and her rink of Lyn Madden, Wayne Butler and Jim Cuthbertson had a 21-13 win over Lorraine Horton and her rink of Wim Detering, Maureen Bartley and Steve Pallot.

Moe 14-58 defeated Newborough (3) 2-49

NEWBOROUGH (2) had a narrow win over visitors Warragul (2) with only one rink up.

Bev Luck and her rink of John Arnold, Denise Ryan and Iain Preston defeated Margaret Keefe and her rink of Freda Lay, Brian Barby and Robert Renn 30-11.

For the visitors Gladys Atkinson and her rink of Alison Matthews, May Baldwin and David Ferguson defeated Carmel Goss and her rink of Gladys Perkins, Jenny Cocks and Robbert Cook 20-13.

Glynis Mitchell and her rink of Dawn Thomas, David Gatewood and Greg Mitchell defeated Ann-Mary Ryan and her rink of Ruth Verhagen, Michael Weatherall and Graham Cocks 20-11.

Newborough (2) 12-54 defeated Warragul (2) 4-51

DROUIN (2) travelled to Morwell Club (2) and for the home team Sandy Sinnott and her team of Barbara Lewis, Norma Tyrer and Duncan Hanlon won 33-13 against Lyn Jeffrey and her rink of Lyn Rippon, Andre De Waele and David Tayles.

Shirley Kolcze and her rink of Janine McCowan, David Broadbent and Jo Leslie won 24-17 against Mary Andrews and her rink of Phil Jarred, Margaret Owens and Brian Thorpe.

For the visitors Irene Dawson and her rink of Graeme Aubrey, Margaret Rhodes and Necip Akarsu had a 17-16 win over Betty Burridge and her rink of Steve Kilpatrick, Barry Flanigan and Joyce Hughes.

Morwell Club (2) 14-73 defeated Drouin (2) 2-47

TRARALGON (2) travelled to Neerim District and came home with a win despite only having one rink up.

Lyn Moffat and her rink of Richard Johnson, Cheryl Reynolds and Bill Kirby had a 29-8 win over Pat Fraser-Aurisch and her rink of Bronwyn Throup, Dianne Tame and John Rochford.

For the home team Cookie Halligan and her team of Joe Marino, Neville Cousins and Kay Cousins won 23-17 against Barbara Scott and her rink of Barbara Baker, Ross Smith and Jim Goodwin.

Karren Sheers and her rink of Graeme Wingrove, Thelma Schroeder and Gerry Engelstad had a 26-21 win over May Cross and her rink of Frank Stake, Janine Barling and Graham Cross.

Traralgon (2) 12-67 defeated Neerim District 4-57


YINNAR welcomed Drouin (2) and for the home team Meredith Kennon and her rink of Kerryn Nicholson, Max Aumann and Tim Roche defeated Ethel Van Maanen 26-19, while Jennie Harris defeated Maureen McMillan 21-15.

For the visitors Maria Wans defeated Hilarie Anstey 20-16.

Yinnar 14-63 defeated Drouin (3) 2-54

THE visiting Morwell (3) side won all 3 rinks at Traralgon (3) with Jenny Duncan and her rink of Ron Draeger, Denise Pigdon and Danny McKeown defeating Shirley Richardson 36-13.

Palma McNeil defeated Fay Marsh 21-17 and Glenda Thompson defeated Muriel Johnson 24-14.

Morwell (3)16-81 defeated Traralgon (3) 0-44

TRAFALGAR (2) welcomed Yarragon, Joanna Reekie and her rink of George Ward, Lyn Hill and Tony Dawson had a 24-11 win over Kaye McLaren.

Lyn Sephton defeated Marion Chetland 25-20 and for the visitors Margaret Arnold defeated Margaret Moss 27-16.

Trafalgar (2) 14-65 defeated Yarragon 2-58

GARFIELD travelled to Morwell (2) and came home with a win.

Gwen Fabris and her rink of Margaret Hyam, Judy Pocklington and Luke Monckton defeated Letty Mizzi 24-11 and Maureen Lamport defeated Jan Moody 23-19.

For the visitors Rebecca Matheson defeated Helene Newton 24-11.

Garfield 14-58 defeated Morwell (2) 2-54


Warragul (3) 10-46 defeated Drouin (4) 0-35; Traralgon RSL (2) 10-47 defeated Morwell Club (3) 0-21; Newborough (4) 8-41 defeated Yinnar (2) 2-38; Traralgon (4) 10-46 defeated Moe (2) 0-33; Yallourn North 10-64 defeated Trafalgar (3) 0-23; Moe (3) 8-38 defeated Churchill 2-37.