Meteor makes a mark

Inspire: Maddie Edebohls coaches teams of all different ages and levels. Photograph supplied




MOE Basketball’s very own Maddie Edebohls recently won the Basketball Victoria’s 2023 Volunteer Week 2023 Competition.

For those of you who might have crossed paths with Edebohls, you would have been well aware of her dedication to coaching, her love of basketball and her kind and caring nature that has ultimately won her the Basketball Victoria’s Volunteer’s Week competition.

Taking to Facebook to announce the winner, Basketball Victoria said, “Maddie gives so much of her time to coach, train and develop athletes in the junior program at Basketball Moe Inc, all while taking on her teaching studies. All the kids she coaches love her – she’s invested in them just as much as they are in her.”

Basketball Moe Inc. also took to Facebook to congratulate Edebohls on the win, saying, “Maddie’s dedication to her coaching roles is next to none.”

Edebohls must have one of the most jam-packed schedules, coaching both Under 12’s and 14’s girl’s domestic teams and two under-12’s girl’s squad teams. The assistant coach to both Under 16’s and Under 18’s girl’s squad teams and head coach of the Gippsland United’s Under 16’s two’s while also playing and coaching netball herself, all while still studying and working full time as a primary school teacher.

Basketball Moe said, “Maddie Always volunteers her time, even if it’s her last 10 minutes free for the day.”

“Thank you for being an amazing role model to so many – Basketball Moe wouldn’t be the same without you,” they added.

Maddie Edebohls was surprised to have even been nominated for the Basketball Victoria Competition.

“I was super shocked I had no idea that I would be nominated I had no idea that it was a thing that Basketball Victoria where even doing. I saw through a few different channels that it was Volunteer Week, but I never really thought anything of it,” Edebohls said.

“Very shocked, very surprised, but I feel very humble about it,” she added.

Thanks to Basketball Victoria partners Belgravia Apparel – Sports and New Balance, Maddie has won $300 worth of vouchers for the New Balance online store.

When asked how she’ll spend her prize, Edebohls said, “Well, I’ve been actually been putting money away for a pair of shoes that I want, but I don’t really need, but I’ll be able to get them for free now.”

“It means a lot to me because it’s not often that I stop and think about being recognised as a volunteer because I love coaching; I’ve coached for a lot of years; it is a lot of work, time and travel. I travel a lot for basketball, and to be recognised as a volunteer at this level, it’s really nice.”

Edebohls is bonkers about basketball but loves the game for the many opportunities and friendships it’s given her throughout her life.

“It’s just been something that’s always been a part of my life. The reason I coach is to give back to the club that has given me so much,” she said.

“My memories from playing squad at Moe are some of my favourite childhood memories, and I just wanted to give that opportunity, to create those memories in other kids as well.”

National Volunteer Week 2023 is a celebration of our power to drive change and ensure volunteering is inclusive of all members of the Australian community. The week-long event from May 15 to 21 recognised the vital support our country’s millions of volunteers provide to their communities and encourages people to consider volunteering.

Many have flocked to Facebook to congratulate Edebohls, showcasing how much of an effect her hard work and dedication have on others and the community.

Having coached Moe Meteors teams to championships, Edebohls has tasted success, but that’s not why she does it; she does it for the love of growing the game for future generations.

“The most important thing is building relationships with your athletes and making sure that even in really serious times, you’re still making it fun, especially in juniors,” Edebohls said.

Though she was personally recognised for her voluntary work, Edhebohls extended her gratitude to all other volunteers out there.

“Because without volunteers, we wouldn’t have support systems in our clubs, particularly in community sports which is huge in Gippsland; volunteers create our committees, they’re the usual ones that organise the fundraisers and draws, and they make sure everyone has a fixture, they’re the backbone of all sporting clubs,” she said.