IT was a telling week in North Gippsland football.

A new leader emerged as the top of the ladder traded hands, while the race for the top five heated up with a big upset.

As all teams head into the King’s Birthday bye this weekend, it’s expected that things will most likely heat up some more as the second half of the season gets underway for Round 9 on June 15.


Gormandale 2.2 (14) def by YYN 25.14 (164)

YALLOURN Yallourn North had no problems at Gormandale.

The Jets solidified their position in the top four, four points clear of Heyfield in fifth after the resounding 25.14 (164) to 2.2 (14) win over the Tigers.

Once again, Gormandale could never get going, much to the efforts of YYN, who had their foot on the accelerator all game long.

With the margin progressively getting bigger, the task for Gormandale simply got harder as the day wore on.

YYN struck out to a 26-point quarter time lead, which was just a slither of what was to come, kicking five goals to one.

They would keep Gormandale to just one goal for the entire half, kicking 9.3 (57) to two behinds in the second quarter, oping up an 81-point half time lead as the teams retired to the rooms.

With half a game still to play, it was up to Gormandale to stop the onslaught, but some things just can’t be done.

YYN powered further ahead in the second half, kicking 5.4 (34) to nothing in the third term, seeing their score and the margin pass 100 points.

With the game already well and truly put away by now, YYN never wavered, kicking another six goals to one, to complete the game as 150-point winners at Gormandale Recreation Reserve.

Dean Macdonald was the spearhead for the Jets, kicking eight goals and taking his season tally to 38, leading the rest of his competition.

Dylan Brooks was outstanding for the Jets among many players, but those named alongside him were Jai Massese, Mitch Luck, Dylan Bath, Macdonald, and Lachlan Little.

For the Tigers, Tristan Salerno was at his best, as was Nicholas Millington, Flynn Roscoe, Isaac Copland, Kodie Owens, and Chris Potalej.


Glengarry 3.4 (22) def by Rosedale 20.20 (140)

ROSEDALE hammered Glengarry at Fred King Oval.

The Blues went from strength to strength to position themselves just shy of Sale City in sixth, sitting seventh, recording their third win of the season, 20.20 (140) to 3.4 (22).

Rosedale kicked ahead early and made sure not to let their hosts get back into the game.

The Blues have proved to be able to do this to lesser teams in years gone by and made no mistake once again at the weekend.

With a 16-point quarter time lead, the tide well and truly went the way of Rosedale in the second term, as they added 6.5 (41) to the Magpies’ one behind, establishing a 56-point half time advantage.

It was always going to be hard for Glengarry to find a way to win from here, but they trucked along to score another 1.2 (8) after half time in the third quarter.

It was to no avail however, as Rosedale were simply the more dominant on the day, kicking further ahead, adding 7.5 (47).

With a 95-point lead going into the last quarter, Glengarry went into damage control, but the game was already past them, as Rosedale went on to register one of the bigger wins they’ve had since COVID-19 hit.

The Blues added four more majors in the last time, keeping the Magpies to just 1.1 (7), to see themselves back home with the four points thanks to a 118-point victory on the road.

Harper and Spencer Fox led the charge for Rosedale, named number one and two in the Blues’ best. Spencer an important figure up front, kicking nine goals.

Blake Safstrom, Brandon McConnell, Wilson Gaudion and Rohan Diamond were all highlighted for their efforts too.

It was a tough day on the park for Glengarry, with Ben Truin, Lachlan Martin, Jesse Lee, Declan Massaro, Michal Ryan, and Jet Hodges all playing admirably.


Churchill 5.10 (40) def by Woodside 20.17 (137)

WOODSIDE returned to the top.

The Wildcats once again toughed through a first half slog, this time against Churchill at Gaskin Park, to assert themselves as the team to beat.

The visitors remained undefeated after claiming a 20.17 (137) to 5.10 (40) win.

Churchill don’t like losing at home, and as the ball was thrown up for the first time, they meant business.

The home side had Woodside on the back foot for the first 30 minutes, registering eight scoring shots to six, as both teams missed vital chances despite putting scores on the board.

Churchill got on top early, establishing a seven-point quarter time lead, 3.5 (23) to 2.4 (16).

They would have to remain competitive however to hold off the beast that is Woodside, a side that they had last beaten in Round 18, 2022.

Woodside son found their groove in the second quarter, like they usually do, yet they weren’t able to escape too far from the Cougars just yet.

Despite their chances once again, they could only muster a 15-point advantage as the half time siren blew.

The Wildcats added 3.6 (24) to Churchill’s two behinds in the second term, showing the first signs of their dominance for the day.

But that would only be the start for them, as things soon turned ugly for Churchill, who struggled to keep in touch with the soon-to-be league leaders.

Woodside put the foot down slightly in the third quarter as play resumed, registered eight more shots on goals compared to the Cougars.

With Churchill only adding small amounts of shots on goal at a time, it was vital for them to be goals to not only remain in the game, but also keep the margin respectable.

Woodside adding 5.5 (35) to Churchill’s 1.1 (7) in the third term, blowing that margin out to 43 points, and with a quarter to go it was up to Churchill to determine whether that margin would be 20, 50 or 100.

As fatigue wore in on the players, so did body problems, with Churchill sustaining some more injuries, forcing them to reserve their health.

Woodside took full advantage of this, blowing the home side off their park.

While Churchill added 1.2 (8), Woodside played a monster final term, which would’ve been to the delight of coach, Michael Stockdale, blasting 10.2 (62), pushing the lead close to 100 points – 97 to be exact.

Woodside’s leading goal scorer, Daniel Farmer, was kept to four goals, which may had been admired by the Cougars’ coach Jordan Fenech, but four other Wildcats kicked three goals or more on the day: Jai Williams (four), captain Ryan Foat (three), Michael O’Sullivan (three), and Bailey Tatnell (three).

O’Sullivan was named as the best player for the visitors, named alongside Cameron Whiteoak, Adam Janssen, Williams, Joshua Kennedy and Foat.

As for Churchill, youngsters Harry van Rossum and Blake Whykes were admirable in defence despite the hardships that came their way. Also noticed was Tom Sevenson, Brendan Holt (two goals), Fenech, and Chris Williams.

Woodside have re-emerged to the top of the ladder, now 7-0, still yet to be bested. While Churchill are in a position where they have not been seen for some time, 2-5 and eighth on the ladder going into the King’s Birthday bye.

Time will only tell where these two might end up at the end of the season, but two things are for certain with these two clubs: Woodside will take some challenge to be beaten, and Churchill won’t let themselves go down without a fight.


Heyfield 8.14 (62) def by Sale City 11.6 (72)

SALE City claimed a huge scalp.

Travelling to Gordon Street Reserve to take on Heyfield, the Bulldogs needed to win to bridge the gap to the top five. A loss would’ve seen them eight points from fifth.

But, thanks to their efforts, Sale City are now equal on points with fifth and just hang onto sixth, outside of the top five on percentage.

The Bulldogs rallied all day to tough out and important road victory, 11.6 (72) to 8.14 (62).

Heyfield, like most instances, started eagerly and burst in front of their opponents.

In the opening term it was close, and there was well and truly a battle on our hands.

Heyfield had the advantage at the first chance however, only just, kicking 3.2 (20) to the Bulldogs’ 2.2 (14).

In typical Heyfield fashion, they only got better. The Kangaroos maintained their lead in the second stanza in a congested game of football.

Scores were coming through thick and fast, which meant whatever did go through the sticks was of rich value.

Heyfield six scoring shots got them 2.4 (16), while Sale City gathered 2.1 (13), staying well and truly in the thick of it.

As the half time siren rang, Heyfield were uncomfortably just nine points to the good of their visitors.

The tide would soon turn as the second half got underway, with Sale City making it difficult for their hosts.

In the blink of an eye, Sale City appeared the more dominant side, making the most of their opportunities as they merged forward, meanwhile Heyfield didn’t.

As both sides put up seven scoring shots, you would expect the scores to be quite similar, yet it was the opposite.

The lead had changed hands, as Sale City kicked 5.2 (32) to the Kangaroos, who oppositely scored 2.5 (17), a term that well and truly made an impression.

And before you knew it, Heyfield trailed at home going into the last term, and Sale City had given themselves every chance of taking the four points back home.

Once again, a congested football in the final term, scoring slowed down while players put their bodies on the line.

Heyfield gave themselves every chance to win the game too, but the story of the day had them missing chances again.

Unable to get themselves into certain goal opportune positions, Sale City forced their hand up their other end.

The Doggies would walk off the park victorious, holding off the home side by 10 points in a stellar four quarter of football.

Simply, if Heyfield’s 8.14 (62) was flipped, they would’ve won by 20 points. Even if some of those chances went through, it would’ve been a completely different story.

Bradley McKay was outstanding for Sale City, as was Abe Schuback, Kaden McCulloch, Jaxsyn Whitehill (two goals), Cooper Whitehill and Daine McGuiness. Jacob Schuback got involved with three goals of his own.

For Heyfield, some common names emerged as their best once again, with Robert McMillan, Brayden Woodland, Max Van Der Zwart, Tyson Birss (two goals), Nicholas Dinsdale and Thomas Marchesi in the best.

As mentioned, Sale City are now just out of the top five on percentage, just 20 per cent at that.


Yarram 16.8 (104) def Cowwarr 9.15 (69)

YARRAM keep trucking along in 2024.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the hosting Demons, as they welcomed Cowwarr to Yarram Recreation Reserve.

The Saints wouldn’t go down without a fight as they had shown in weeks gone by, but the home side would find a way when the game was on the line, defeating Cowwarr 16.8 (104) to 9.15 (69).

Yarram would open up a 10-point quarter time lead, despite Cowwarr having the same number of shots on goal.

The Demons’ 3.3 (21) was enough to keep them ahead of Cowwarr’s 1.5 (11). Things could’ve looked much more different for the Saints if they were efficient going forward, and that appeared to be the moral of the story throughout the entire weekend.

That wouldn’t be it for Cowwarr though, as they made sure they wouldn’t be put away easily. The visitors got a grip of the game in the second term, as a scoring end took shape.

Cowwarr added 5.5 (35), a much better output in the second term, keeping their hosts to just 2.1 (13), as the Saints found themselves ahead at the break by two straight kicks.

The ‘scoring end’ played it’s fortune once again, as it gave Yarram the advantage going into the last term after the half time break.

Judging by the third term they had, it was going to be difficult to pass the Demons from here.

Yarram kicked 7.2 (44) in the third term to Cowwarr’s 2.2 (14), to regain the lead once again, this time by three goals.

But as Cowwarr headed to the ‘scoring end’ for the final term, nothing was certain in the final 30 minutes of play.

Just like last week though, Cowwarr would find themselves lacking behind, as the experience and fitness of Yarram was too much to handle.

Yarram continued to add pressure through scores, as soon enough, found themselves ahead and out of the reach of Cowwarr.

A four-goal to one final term sealed the deal, as the home side ran out as 35-point winners.

Josh Swift was prolific as ever in front of goal, kicking seven, while playing-coach Boadie Motton kicked four majors.

Neither were named in the best however, as Jake McFarland, Liam Farley, Chris Bruns, Jacob Davis, Dylan Graham, and Tate Chisholm were figureheads.

For Cowwarr, Alex Saunders, Ben Coffey, Keenan Hughes (four goals), Connor Cook, Jackson Davison and youngster Rhys Luxford’s efforts were noticed.


TRARALGON Tyers United had the bye.