NORMALITY restored.

Results generally went the way of the favourite at the weekend in North Gippsland football, following the last few weekends which have shown otherwise – or close to it.

This just sets up a tasty Round 12 fixture, which sees some ladder rivals go head-to-head, as well as bitter rivals.


YYN 8.9 (57) def Sale City 5.9 (39)

THE wet weather was the main character in YYN’s win over Sale City, 8.9 (57) to 5.9 (39).

Considering the Bulldogs’ results against tougher opponents and it being just a three-goal loss in the end, it seemed as though it would take more than what they were capable of on the day to secure the four points.YYN have been perpetual slow-starters this season but considering the rain and the well-worked ground by the start of the game, Sale City couldn’t make the most of it, despite leading by a point at quarter time.

In the backend of the first half, the Jets began to click, not conceding a major and adding three goals to their tally to be up 4.4 (28) to 1.6 (12) at halftime.

That same level of forceful intensity pounding into YYN’s forward line and control in their forward half of the ground continued much to the same in the third quarter, as the Jets’ midfielders appeared much more accustomed to the bleaker conditions, managing to tear the Bulldogs apart in the stoppages, and beating them to the ball around the ground.

YYN led 8.7 (55) to 3.6 (24) at three quarter time.

Having to make up more than five goals in the final term, it was going to be difficult for the Bulldogs considering how the day had gone, but they did find some success in patches to conclude.

Kaden McCulloch finished with three goals as Sale City kicked the only two majors of the last quarter but in limited time meaning the Jets would hold onto the win, and remain in the top three.

Bailey Brown had his best game of the season for the Jets along the wing, with James De Virgilio, Tom Hutton, Jai Massese, Mitch Luck, and Anthony Young following suit.

The Bulldogs had McCulloch, Daine McGuinnes, Chad Evans, Hudson Tollner, Chris Kelf, and Tom Bowman as key contributors.

The loss moves Sale City back to seventh on the ladder with a win-loss record of 4-5 on the year, but they still have plenty of time left to etch a finals berth, beginning with Cowwarr this weekend.

YYN will now go into hibernation for the week and return for games against Cowwarr, Woodside, and Rosedale readying for a deep finals run.


Rosedale 15.20 (110) def Gormandale 4.2 (26)

INSIDE the top five.

It was a shaky start by all means for Rosedale as they welcomed Gormandale to Rosedale Recreational Reserve, but they ensured they wouldn’t be beaten, charging to a 15.20 (110) to 4.2 (26) win.

The win brings the Blues up to fifth on the ladder, and they will be thanking Woodside for downing Heyfield.

Both sides brought in senior debutants, with the Blues welcoming Heyden Berry into the squad, and the Tigers giving Ryleigh Musgrove his senior debut.

In a tense first quarter, it was Gormandale who looked to be the goods.

The visitors piled on 3.1 (19) to Rosedale’s 1.6 (12). Sure, Rosedale had almost twice as many chances, but they trailed at the first break.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, their short burst of success was short -lived, as Rosedale reclaimed their dominance before halftime.

Rosedale fixed their accuracy, kicking 3.2 (20) to nothing in the second term, seeing themselves ahead by 13 points at the main break.

With plenty of work still to do to prove to themselves and the rest of the competition that they are a finals-worthy side, they needed a response to that first half, despite leading the battle.

They did just that. The Blues added four more goals (while kicking six behinds), to nothing once again, as the margin multiplied by the minute.

From 13 points between them to 43 in the space on 30 minutes, it was hard to see them losing it from here.

As the final quarter got underway, so did Rosedale once again, as they piled on 7.6 (48) to 1.1 (7) in the final term to complete the 84-point win.

Captain Riley Atlee led from the front, claiming best-on-ground honours. Joining him in the best was Declan Barnett (five goals), Blake Safstrom, Hayden Berry on debut, Riley Boyle, and Jake Suter.

For Gormandale, Nicholas Millington, Tristan Salerno, Flynn Roscoe, Kodie Owen, Isaac Copland, and Steven Burgess were the best in defeat.

As mentioned, the Blues are in the finals picture. After sliding into fifth place at Heyfield expense, fifth place will be back on the table next week when Rosedale host the Kangaroos.

As for Gormandale, it was an improved performance against an in-form side. But I assume they are far from where they wish to be.


Cowwarr 7.6 (48) def by TTU 16.24 (120)

TTU will take some stopping.

The Bombers capped off yet another strong victory, this time over Cowwarr at Cowwarr Recreational Reserve, 16.24 (120) to 7.6 (48).

TTU welcomed Jesse Selwyn into the senior squad to make his senior debut, marking the occasion with a win.

TTU made sure this one was over before it could even get started escaping their clutches early.

The Bombers led to start proceedings, kicking 3.5 (23) to 1.2 (8) at quarter time.

The trend of goal kicking inaccuracy begun here for TTU, and it might be something they want to tidy up before they face a more formidable opponent, like Woodside next week.

Things improved for the visitors in front of goal during the second term however, as they led by 40 at halftime. The Bombers added 6.2 (38) to 2.1 (13) in the second stanza.

After halftime, the bloodbath continued. TTU added four more majors while keeping Cowwarr to just one goal for the quarter. The Bombers kicked 11 behinds in the third term though.

With 67 points up their sleeve going into the final quarter, TTU continued to press relentlessly as they closed out a 72-point win at the final siren.

Zach Kilgower was the best for the Bombers, and joining him was James Jacobsen (six goals), Frazar Brouns, Flynn Shields, William Curtain, and Michael Jacobsen.

For Cowwarr, young Rhys Luxford was their best. Also mentioned was Connor Cook, Nick Twomey, Brady Hood, Jake Brown, and Jarvis Kirk. Keenan Hughes and Alex Saunders kicked three majors each in defeat.


Woodside 13.16 (94) def Heyfield 10.9 (69)

IT’S theirs to lose.

Woodside continued on their merry way to the minor premiership, signing off on their 10th win of the season.

The Wildcats made no mistake as they buried Heyfield early to record a 13.16 (94) to 10.9 (69) win at Woodside Recreation Reserve.

Never to discount Heyfield as early as the first term, but against a side of Woodside’s calibre, they made things difficult for themselves.

The Wildcats burst out to a six-goal quarter time lead, scoring 6.7 (43) to 1.1 (7).

Already on top of them around the ground but showing an even more devasting fact on the scoreboard. Thirteen scoring shots to two in the first half an hour.

Woodside trucked along nicely to keep the margin moving in their favour. And although they barely won the second quarter, that deficit still remained for the Kangaroos.

Both sides kicked two goals up to halftime, but once again it was the Wildcats with many more chances inside their forward half, scoring four more times than their counterparts, but it wasn’t to too much effect.

With 40 points up their sleeve going into the second half, Woodside could afford to lay of the accelerator a little, and perhaps they did too much.

The Kangaroos were always going to come, it was just a matter of when.

Heyfield bounced back into contention, kicking 5.4 (34) to Woodside’s 2.1 (13), bringing the game back within four straight kicks by three quarter time.

As they entered the final term, both sides had some work to do to finish this game off. Woodside needed to do enough to hold on, while Heyfield had some catching up to do.

Woodside’s presence and power early in the piece was enough to see them over the line, winning by 25 points.

The home side nailed three more majors to two in the last quarter to remain undefeated so far this season.

Bordy Stainer was assessed as the Wildcats’ best. Joining him in the best was Liam Leeson, Ben Johnson, Zac Richards (two goals), Josh Morgan, and Daniel Farmer – who was a welcomed inclusion back into the senior squad with four goals.

For Heyfield, Max Van Der Zwart, Isaac Wheeler, Asher Eastham (two goals), Robert McMillan, James Beha, and Mitch Stevens were highlighted. Mitch Bennett kicked four goals for the Roos.

The win keeps Woodside first, and sets up an incredible one versus two bout next weekend against Traralgon Tyers United.

Heyfield fell dangerously outside of the top five, but remain just one game from jumping back in, but next week will be no walk in the park against Rosedale.


Glengarry 5.10 (40) def by Yarram 17.11 (113)

YARRAM bounced back.

Following their shock loss to Rosedale last week, the Demons were able to rectify that wrong, by returning to the winner’s list.

Travelling to Fred King Oval, Yarram quickly ended the Glengarry’s chances of winning, claiming the four points, 17.11 (113) to 5.10 (40).

Similarly to Woodside, Yarram started on the front foot, registering 6.5 (41) to the Magpies’ 1.1 (7) in the opening stanza.

As much as Yarram wanted to continue on their own terms, Glengarry had other ideas. The Magpies managed to bounce back in a way, but the Demons did just as hard.

The home side kicked 4.2 (26) in the second quarter, but Yarram managed to extend their margin in impressive fashion, kicking 5.2 (32), seeing the margin out to 40 points at halftime.

To all of their effort after halftime, there was just no polish for Glengarry, who registered six behinds to four straight goals in the third quarter. If the script was flipped, we might’ve had a game on our hands going into the final term.

Nonetheless, Yarram led by 58 points with a quarter to play, and with the margin well beyond doubt, the Demons finished in style.

The Demons kept Glengarry goalless in the second half, allowing them one more behind in the final quarter, while adding 2.4 (16) of their own, walking away as 73-point winners.

Kayleb Pearce, Tyler Chisholm, James Mackenzie (two goals), Luke Hunter (three goals), Boadie Motton, and Will Brunton (three goals) were the best for the victorious visitors. Josh Swift returned to form with four majors.

For Glengarry, Michael Ryan, Jesse Lee, Luke Healy (two goals), Thomas Harris, Lachlan Martin, and Ben Truin were admirable on their home deck.

The win keeps Yarram comfortably inside the top five in fourth, although remain just two games clear of Heyfield in sixth.


CHURCHILL had the bye.