Alpine National Park illegal activity

THE recent seizure of several firearms in the Alpine National Park north of Dargo and Licola has prompted Parks Victoria to remind park visitors about observing park regulations.

Parks Victoria, Victoria Police, and Department of Sustainability and Environment authorised officers have been undertaking regular joint agency patrols throughout Gippsland’s remote high country targeting illegal behaviour.

Offences being targeted are possession and use of firearms in certain park areas, illegal campfires, off road driving, taking vehicles behind seasonally closed gates and bringing dogs into the park.

As a result of the recent patrols a number of firearms licences have been suspended and actions are pending for some other offenders.

Parks Victoria ranger in charge Wonnangatta Moroka area Mike Dower said rangers were conducting targeted compliance operations across the entire Alpine National Park on a range of illegal activities that are being reported.

“This is a timely reminder that rangers can enforce regulations and that substantial penalties can be applied,” Mr Dower said.

“Firearms are permitted in certain areas of the Alpine National Park for the hunting of Sambar deer, but wildlife and firearm regulations must be adhered to at all times.

“There are plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy without breaking the law.”

Parks Victoria will continue to run compliance operations on a regular basis in the remote areas of the Gippsland High Country.

For information on regulations covering deer hunting in the Alpine regions of Victoria go to