Fridge old, but still humming

Valerie Massey never expected she owned the oldest appliance in Latrobe Valley, but it should not have come as a shock that her 58 year-old refrigerator had years on the competition.

Nevertheless she entered the fridge in a Radio Rentals competition to find the oldest appliance in Latrobe Valley and won a new fridge.

The Newborough resident said the fridge had been in her parent’s home in Seymour as long as she had been alive, so it was difficult to work out the exact age of the Kelvinator.

“After some asking around I found out it was my parents’ first fridge when they were married in 1954,” Ms Massey said.

“I read the advertisement in the paper and thought ‘we’re a family of hoarders; what is the oldest appliance we have?'”

She settled on the fridge, entered and was “thrilled” to win a competition for the first time.

Ms Massey won a new 342 litre fridge from Radio Rentals, which she intends to use as an outdoor fridge or give to one of her daughters.

She said she would keep using her old fridge, as long as it continued to work, describing it as a “family heirloom”.

“It will always be in our family. One of my daughter’s already has tabs on it.”