Trafalgar student appointed to ADFA

FORMER Trafalgar High School student, Jack Smart, has secured a highly competitive appointment to the Australian Defence Force Academy as a result of his outstanding academic achievements and leadership potential.

Jack is one of about 320 young men and women selected from across Australia.

His appointment marks the beginning of his four-year military training and academic program at ADFA.

ADFA midshipmen and officer cadets are selected on the basis of their academic merit, leadership ability and demonstrated community-mindedness.

During their time at ADFA, trainee officers undertake military training while studying for a world-class degree through the University of New South Wales.

“My father was an engineer in the Army Reserve and I remember how excited I was when he would come home and tell us the brilliant stories about his training exercises and challenges,” Jack said.

“The Army is the only career I have ever considered. I’ve had a keen interest in flying and my goal is to become a helicopter pilot in the Army.”

Once he completes his studies for a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering degree at ADFA, Jack hopes to progress to the Royal Military College, Duntroon, and then he will continue his training as an Aviation Officer.

“There are so many career options within the Army, so if I should ever wish to make a change, I have the option to lead a team of pilots or become an instructor,” Jack said.

“To me, the most rewarding thing about being in charge is when you can get everyone together and execute a plan well. I was a captain in a football team that started off badly, but I got them together and we got cracking, and we did much better in the season.

“My training at ADFA will ensure that I am prepared to be a good leader who can make the right decisions in challenging situations.”

Midshipmen and officer cadets who study at ADFA are paid a salary to study, have no higher education loan debt and can access free healthcare and subsidised accommodation.

“The thing I’m most looking forward to is working with like-minded people and going on adventures with them. It will be exciting to be in the bush for training one day and flying in a helicopter the next,” Jack said.

ADFA is currently recruiting for its 2014 intake.

More information about ADFA and careers in the Navy, Army or Air Force, can be found at or by phoning 13 19 01.