Groom goes ‘Back to the Future’

LIKE any eighties child, Traralgon’s David Keen grew up with popular cult fiction movies like Ghost Busters and Back to the Future.

To marry the woman of his dreams and have a DeLorean time machine show up at the 8 March wedding with a man who looked just like Back to the Future’s Dr Emmett Brown left David feeling “dumbfounded” with delight.

A wedding surprise arranged by his wife Heidi following the wedding ceremony at the tropical garden BJ’s on Varney in Traralgon, David said he was left speechless when the iconic car pulled up before the wedding party.

“Heidi walking down the aisle earlier took my breath away, but (the stunt) had me just standing there with my mouth open… I couldn’t even think; I am a big fan (of Back to the Future),” David said.

“I’ll definitely remember that day for the rest of my life.”

An avid collector of paraphernalia from the popular movie, David, who was born in 1983 said the second Back to the Future movie was his favourite.

“The best memories I have is of watching (the DeLorean); all the special effects were mindblowing and the characters are just great,” he said.

“I might be turning 30 this year, but I am still a kid at heart.”

Meanwhile, wife Heidi was thrilled at how the wedding surprise panned out.

“I saw something online about this guy, ‘Doc Braun’, who lives in Melbourne and has a DeLorean… I got in touch to see if he could come down for the wedding, and he was more than happy to,” Heidi said of the surprise, which took about six months to arrange, with assistance on the day from David’s father.

“David’s a great dad and husband, and all-round good guy; I wanted our wedding day to be about him, too,” she said.

Heidi said at her father-in-law’s cue, ‘Doc Braun’ drove up to the wedding guests who were ready to have a group photo and knocked over a strategically-placed garbage bin, “just like in the movie”, before jumping out and surprising David.

“Doc grabbed him; they fuelled up the car and jumped in,” she said.

“David looked like a two year-old kid; everyone laughed and cheered when they saw the car.” 

The mother of three girls, Heidi said she was pleased at the enjoyment her husband and guests got from the stunt.

“The best man got a text message from a friend, saying ‘you’ll never guess what I saw driving through Traralgon; there’s a DeLorean on the back of a truck!’ and he replied, ‘I know, it’s here at the wedding!’,” she said.

“We all had a great time and it was lovely; I got to marry my best friend in front of my whole family… it was perfect.”