‘Pop-ups’ to revitalise

Local creatives are poised to occupy empty shopfronts across Latrobe Valley’s central business districts, as part of RMIT University’s ongoing urban revitalisation project.

Designed to reinvigorate the streets of Morwell, Moe and Traralgon, ReActivate Latrobe Valley’s ‘pop-up’ shop phase is taking on local artists, creators, performers and skilled individuals to transform empty shops into temporary studios, workspaces, shops and galleries.

RMIT Associate Professor Rosalea Monacella, from the Office of Urban Transformation Research laboratory, said the pop-up shop scheme, coming as the third phase in an ambitious five-stage urban renewal project, was designed to reconnect the region’s hidden talents and skills with the wider community.

“It’s about connecting people to streetscape spaces and opportunities, and adding culture to the look and feel of the city streets,” Associate Professor Monacella said.

Pop-up shop applicant Amy Mohanty, an Indian-born textile artist and Morwell resident, said she was hoping to introduce Morwell shoppers to her traditional hand-sewn Indian textiles.

“The philosophy of what (ReActivate) is trying to do – reconnect the community with their local talents and inspire that creative thinking in others – is a really great thing for any community,” Ms Mohanty said.

To view the pop-up project guidelines and requirements and to apply for a space, visit www.transitingcities.com/apply-for-a-space

The pop-up scheme will be officially launched at an arts and design market on 1 November in Commercial Road, Morwell.