Vandals target Tyers park

Volunteers at a Tyers wilderness park were disappointed to learn of vandalism to the park’s amenities at the weekend.

Wirilda Environment Park president Eugen Reichardt was angry to find wooden bench seats had been ripped from their stands and burnt and bin lids had been torn off.

These acts of vandalism were in addition to recent graffiti over toilet blocks and barbecues which volunteers were yet to paint over.

“Nothing kills the enthusiasm of volunteers faster than seeing their hard work destroyed by idiots,” Mr Reichardt said.

“There’s two issues to it, one of them is the damage, the other one is the cleaning up – they’re not supposed to have fires down there anyhow.

“We’ll have to invest now and replace them with aluminium but it’s all extra work and maybe we’ll get it done this week but it will possibly take a few weeks.”

The damaged bins were replacements of older 44 gallon steel drums which had been thrown in the river, that runs through the park, years before.

Mr Reichardt hoped to appoint a caretaker in coming months who would deter vandals and create scope for more attractions in the space including a camping ground.

“We’ve been desperately trying to get a system for the park in order and I’m just about on the edge of succeeding, I’ve found someone who is suitable, he will live in the park,” Mr Reichardt said.

“It’s important we get a permanent presence so when people are down here someone can go by and keep an eye on things and stop things happening.

“If people are around nothing happens but if they aren’t then (vandals) are in here straight away, they’ve got to know they’re being observed.”

Currently the park serves as a swimming location and a picnic, barbecue and bushwalking haven to members of the Latrobe Valley.

“Damage and vandalism to facilities in public parks will not be tolerated,” Traralgon police sergeant Brent Muir said.

“We welcome any information that may assist in identifying those responsible.”

If you have any information on these acts of vandalism, phone Traralgon Police Station on

5174 0900 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.