Supporting local at Woolworths

South Gippsland Eggs
Alan, Gina and family from South Gippsland Eggs


Woolworths is a proud supporter of local suppliers like South Gippsland Eggs.

Alan and Gina from South Gippsland Eggs are second generation free range egg farmers with a simple philosophy: “Happy healthy hens lay the most delicious and wholesome eggs”.

Their hens are fed the finest nutritional diet and are free to roam in natural grasslands and their eggs are delivered fresh from the farm to all Woolworths stores across Gippsland.

Alan and Gina believe in allowing their hens to naturally forage in open fields looking for food.

They supplement the hens’ natural diet of grass, bugs and worms with a grain based feed to satisfy the hens’ nutritional requirements, ensuring good health and an excellent lay rate.

The green paddocks on their farm allow the hens to produce eggs with a beautiful yolk colour.

Look out for South Gippsland Free Range Eggs at your local Woolworths supermarket.