Feeding those in need with food drive

Proud: Those from Daily Living Disability and Enjoy Church Gippsland stand together to show what they were able to provide for the Restore Pantry. Photographs Tom Hayes



THE joint forces of Daily Living Disability and the Restore Pantry at Enjoy Church Gippsland have combined to complete a food drive.

The Restore Pantry, located at 144 Maryvale Rd, Morwell, is a food bank for everyone and anyone in need, to help lift the load on financial stresses.

Not only can the Restore Pantry open their doors for people to collect groceries, but it allows people to sit down and socialise, which is important for mental health.

As described, the Restore Pantry also contains meals assistance, morning teas and conversations, for the benefit of people coming into Restore Pantry.

The Daily Living Disability team decided to get involved and make a difference, putting out an expression of interest to families to make donations.

“We opened up (an) expression to our families for winter donations to the Enjoy Church food bank, and the participants ran with it and were very involved and passionate about collection for the food drive,” Daily Living Disability Director Kerina White said.

“It’s gained lots of awareness and discussion about (the) less fortunate in the community, and supporting those in need.”

Over some time, the Daily Living Disability team, participants and their families banded together to collect foods for the drive, which was all donated to the Restore Pantry.

On Thursday, July 13, the whole gang was at the food bank to see what they had collaboratively provided for the food bank.

Excitement was in the air as participants were keen to be able to show what they had achieved, which is seen as they posed for a photo around their work.

The Restore Pantry at Enjoy Church Gippsland feeds around 80 households per week, and with no referrals or healthcare cards needed, the food bank is available for everyone.

It provides a community-based feel and remains inclusive to everyone that feels they need the help.

The Restore Pantry receives funding from Latrobe City Council to keep the shelves stocked, as well as accepting monetary and food donations to go toward the bank.

Enjoy Church Gippsland Pastor, Sarah Copland was overwhelmed with the food donations and wished to thank Daily Living Disability for their kind contribution to their Restore Pantry.

The Restore Pantry is open on Fridays from 10am to 12.30pm.

Stocked: The food bank is filled to the brim.