Local Nationals cook up a storm at RMH

Teamwork: Nationals members Tim Bull, Danny O'Brien, Jade Benham, Gaelle Broad and Kim O'Keeffe at Ronald McDonald House. Photograph supplied



REGIONAL families staying at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Fitzroy had some recent unusual visitors – Nationals Members of Parliament from Gippsland who made the trip to cook dinner for them.

The North Fitzroy Ronald McDonald House gives seriously ill children and their families the chance to stay close and connected. The warm and supportive home-away-from-home provides the whole family with a comfortable place to stay and peace of mind, knowing they can stay together and be close to their child’s hospital.

The RMH has many ways that people can donate and help out. Group volunteering through the ‘Make a Meal’ dinner program is one of the many ways that people can contribute. The Make a Meal dinner program gives families a welcome break from preparing a meal and having to wash up, and gives them the chance to spend some quality time together.

Member for Morwell, Martin Cameron, was among the group of Nationals, which included state MP Danny O’Brien and federal MP Tim Bull, who chipped in to make a meal.

“It was great to get down there and cook a meal for them,” he said.

The Nationals team showcased their cooking skills by preparing a hearty lot of spaghetti bolognese.

“We cooked pasta, just some ‘spag bol’, which was well received with some garlic bread,” said Mr Cameron.

Remarkably finding a local link, Mr Cameron came across a family staying at RMH who originated from Traralgon.

“There was a Traralgon family; the mum and dad many moons ago were originally from Traralgon,” he said.

“It’s inspiring that they have these facilities. It’s set up so they can have around 30 families that can stay there in the Fitzroy home.”

The RMH house provides ill children and their families a communal kitchen, dining room, laundry and lounge with a children’s play area and shuttle bus.

The North Fitzroy House has 25 bedrooms and 54 volunteers that have serviced 514 families.

The Nationals team enjoyed doing their part for the families at RMH.

“It was a terrific night that we could actually go along and provide them with a little tiny bit of respite and help because the last thing they’re thinking about is cooking a meal,” Mr Cameron said.

There are many ways to help RMH. To find out more, head to rmhc.org.au

Hard at it: Member for Morwell, Martin Cameron on sauce duties.