No need for travel with Paris at GPAC

Star: Soprano Alison Jones performing as Rosalinde, Die Fledermaus in The William Lewis School of Opera, 2022. Photograph supplied



Bringing Paris to our doorstep is the show ‘I Love Paris’, live at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) next Tuesday, October 10.

Renowned and award winning concert pianist, William Schmidt and international soprano, Alison Jones transport you to Paris, France in a show brimming with famous music inspired by the most magical city in the world.

From Chopin to Gershwin, the Eiffel Tower to the the Moulin Rouge, compère Christopher McKenna will guide you through a romantic, dramatic and fun musical vacation.

With hits from Les Miserables, An American In Paris to the rousing sounds of a French Can Can this new show from Promac will delight all lovers of theatre and fine music, all performed in front of beautiful images depicting the true French lifestyle and incredible music.

Having been born in old Yallourn and grown up in Morwell, Ms Jones was excited to be back in Gippsland.

Ms Jones explained they designed the show admits COVID lock downs when people weren’t travelling.

“We were kind of thinking we’ll bring Paris to people because people can’t get to Paris,” she said.

“This show I Love Paris is much more easy listening … for the general public.”

“It was around the time when people weren’t travelling and we wanted to give a taste of what French and Paris café culture (is like).”

As a morning show, the artists wanted to make the show was interactive with a community focus.

“It’s a broad appeal show, we’ve got a compère who makes sure that everyone has a good time, he is a really great conduit between us and the audience so it’s really fun as well,” she said.

“We come out into the foyer and we are able to speak with people, its a very different theatre experience – a very community thing,” she said.

Skyrocketing to international theatres, Ms Jones began performing in Morwell, now a world renowned opera singer, she’s excited to bring theatre to the regions.

“In I Love Paris we’ve got this stunning theatre, beautiful french slides as a backdrop and we set up this little café on the side of the stage,” she said.

“We also wanted it to be as diverse as possible so we go from classical right through to Les Miserables … so its really across the board.”

While, there’s no opera in this specific show, Ms Jones’ favourite thing about I Love Paris is that she gets to enjoy the talents of fellow artist Mr Schmidt.

“Sometimes I’m sitting on the stage and I just get to listen to the extraordinary playing of Wlliam Schmidt the pianist and that is my absolute favourite thing about the show,” said Ms Jones with a laugh.

“Normally I don’t get to sit and just enjoy what he does and he is so brilliant at it.”

The show was first put together when the pair was on tour and the premier was at The Wedge, Sale, last year, with only a few other theatres that have seen the magical show, the GPAC will be among the first in Australia to enjoy it

“The show was born in Gippsland and it’s nice to be back,” she said.

Singing praises of the GPAC facility, Ms Jones said it was truly state of the art with a world-class grand piano, amazing acoustics and beautiful architecture.

“Its certainly one of the best regional theatres in Australia and we’ve sung at them all, certainly (it’s) in the top couple, its really really beautiful,” she said.

The main themes of the show is very much centred on Paris, France.

“Its France and Paris so the themes are love and heartache so yeah, a lot of its centred around the themes of what Paris is known for which is romance,” she said.

At the end of the show the audience will feel as if they were transported to another city, one that oozes romance, the city of love, longing for the smells of fresh croissants and fine wine.

Ms Jones encouraged the community to come check out the show as “there is nothing more uplifting than live music”.

The show is on Tuesday, October 10 at 11am, tickets can be purchased on the door or online at

Musical journey: Travel to France as Alison Jones performs ‘I Love Paris’ live at the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre. Photograph: Zaida Glibanovic