THE roaring sounds of motorbikes filtered through the Strzelechi Highway on the warm morning of March 9.

Twenty-six riders braved the heat heading from Traralgon to Mirboo North to help support the businesses affected by the recent storms. The ride’s organisers were the Upper Echelon Collective clothing brand, based in Traralgon, who started the Traralgon Bike Meet.

The ride was only their second ride, and the group hopes to do more towards many causes, including men’s mental health.

Like other groups, the ride was bought to help get bike riders out of the house and out and about as a group, whether they were beginners or had been riding for a while.

“It’s about bringing people together and out of the house where they are connecting to people and having a ride on their bikes,” organiser Emily Dickinson said.

“The Mirboo North road is a good road for the majority of bikes where people can learn to be more comfortable with their bike and twisty corners. It also gives riders a chance to explore a deeper range of bikes and to be able to talk to like-minded people.”

Rider Dave Holt told the Express that as someone who has been riding since he was 16, there are quite a few different groups out there that ride motorcycles and chat.

As someone with lots of experience, Mr Holt said that being in a bike group or as a solo rider, the bike community is really supportive. In previous years, Mr Holt explained that he needed help on the side of the road, and others stopped to help him.

“I think as long as any guys out there that are reading this, and they’re like riding bikes, just keep an eye for each other when you’re on the road,” he said.

“That’s the big one. Just help other riders out because one day, it could help you. I know that it’s happened to me. It’s happened to me a couple of times. I’ve had guys pull up to help me, which is awesome.”

With more rides to come, Ms Dickinson and Mr Holt said they were looking forward to more rides and meeting more people who share the same love for riding.

For more information on the bike group, check out Bike Meet – Traralgon on Facebook.