ON MARCH 16, the Show Me Your Art Festival dipped its toes into Moe’s paint tins, opening to all different age groups in three significantly different events.

Starting at the Moe Botanical Gardens, many people got up and ready for the 11am park run, where runners and walkers were splashed with colour. At the fun run, kids could also get their faces painted. They wore the paint late into the day and were still ripe by the end of the second event.

Complete: This mural in Moe was finished before the rain. Photograph: Katrina Brandon

Brushing through time, the second event was held at 2pm. It had stalls where people could buy food and listen to live music. The market event was held behind the Moe RSL.

Some of those ‘goodie’ stalls included candles, personalised gifts, pet portraits, metal ornaments, flowers, and children’s clothes. Other stands included a kids art area and marsupial enclosure.

Those struggling with midday’s warmth could move inside the Drop Zone and Moe RSL. Many games were set up inside the Drop Zone such as table tennis, Jenga, air hockey and eight ball. Others who wanted to relax with the live music brought chairs that were provided into the shade and enjoyed cold beverages, warm chats with other music lovers and, later in the day, ‘Cat in The Hat’ (Hughesy from Hughsey Nuts About Caramel) danced along with families to the music.

Company: Racheal and Brodie O’Meara sharing a dance with Cat in The Hat, Hughsey Hughes. Photograph: Katrina Brandon

While hundreds of people still came to the event and none of the paintings could be done on the day due to the heat. People could still send in their ideas, and later in the week, the works were done behind TM&H Mitre 10 Moe.

As the market settled, things started opening up at Moe Town Hall, where bands and musicians set the night’s mood.

The money raised throughout the day went towards mental health. Overall, organiser and local artist Steve Bechaz said he was happy with the result, even though it was too warm to paint.

For future events, follow the Show Me Your Art Festival on Facebook.