THE Gippsland Wellness Expo was held at Kernot Hall last month.


The expo featured up to 60 different stalls from health and well-being groups across Gippsland. Mental health groups, gyms, and social groups joined the fun. The expo aimed to connect the community to services to improve cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, creating a more extensive network for people to enjoy.


The event started on a high note, with a vibrant community of health and wellness enthusiasts gathering at 10am on Saturday, March 23. The morning was filled with opportunities to connect, chat, and test various groups, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. The Strongman Competition, a highlight of the day, further showcased this community spirit.


Complete Strength Performance Gym put on the Strongman Competition, and many people joined in the fun, from carrying metal frames for 10 metres as quickly as possible, to pulling a car. Each challenge increased in difficulty, and many came to watch the local warriors pull through.


As the challenges progressed, people were able to range through the stores, coming in and out of the expo during the competition’s intermissions.


The Gippsland Wellness Expo began when a group of 20 businesses decided to participate in the Week of Wellness, coordinated by Casey Bird from Studio 72 Infrared Saunas.


The week of Wellness was a week in August 2022 during which businesses offered online promotions and discounts.


Thinking bigger, Olivia Skinner from Sacred Wise decided to follow up with the expo, inviting businesses from all over Gippsland to participate. The first expo opened in March 2023, and 40 businesses took part.


Now, the expo has grown, with double the number of businesses showing interest in the event, leading to some having to wait until the next expo due to a lack of room.


For enquiries about next year’s events, email