FOLLOWING the release of her new EP, Yearning, Lucy Wise will visit Tyers Hall this Sunday (July 7) to share her songs with the local community.

The singer-songwriter features folk songs and other material on topics that are close to the heart for some, such as mental health and relationships.

“I have been talking a bit more in my songs about experiences that we don’t often put into words or often in conversations. It is a little bit easier to put into a song,” Ms Wise said.

“Every album has been really different in terms of what the songs are about, and I feel that the subjects of the songs are striking a chord with my audience and are resonating with a lot of people, which is really fulfilling to know that I am writing about things that people find relevant.”

Ms Wise started her music journey in the footsteps of her parents, with whom she used to tour around East Coast playing at folk festivals during her high school years. Alongside the travelling band, Ms Wise’s father also made instruments, which helped spark her passion for ukulele, fiddle, vocals and later on, guitar. As the years went by, she decided it was time to create her own music.

“I started to write songs when I was about 15. I have been playing my music at festivals and venues since 2009,” she said.

Last year, Ms Wise won Best Folk Work at the 2023 Music Victoria Awards for her album, Into The Blue. She was then nominated in the 2023 Australian Folk Music Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

Now, she is touring around, sharing her new release and doing workshops on how to play the ukulele at the local music association, the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club.

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