Councillors give their opinions

Latrobe City councillors give their views on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s final recommendation:

Burnert Ward councillor Kellie O’Callaghan hoped the model would bring “equitable representation” for residents.

Firmin Ward councillor Darrell White said the model was a “fresh start for the next era”.

Galbraith Ward councillor Sandy Kam wanted to avoid byelections and said the community “got the change they were seeking”.

Gunyah Ward councillor Ed Vermeulen said the disadvantages of the structure proposed a split in his ward.

Merton Ward councillor Sharon Gibson hoped it would encourage “councillors to work with one another”.

Tanjil Ward councillor Bruce Lougheed said he was concerned with the Southern Ward electorate fearing a “king maker”.

Dunbar Ward councillor Dale Harriman said the model provided “greater representation to the ratepayers”.

Farley Ward councillor Lisa Price was unable to be contacted as she is overseas on council duties.

Rintoull Ward councillor Graeme Middlemiss did respond to calls.