Inquiry recommends changes

The rights of “donor children” born prior to 1988 to know the identity of their biological parents has won out over anonymity, after a parliamentary committee inquiry recommended changes to legislation.

Handing down its findings last month, the Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information about Donors found a person’s right to know must be given precedence over the wishes of those donors who would like to remain anonymous.

Current Victorian legislation prevents people conceived by donation before 1 July 1988 to access donor information.

However, the committee recognised the rights of sperm and egg donors, who donated on the basis of anonymity, recommending the option of placing a ‘contact veto’, and a transition period before any legislation became effective.

Currently, children conceived by donation between 1 July 1988 and 31 September 1997 can access donor information with donor consent, while those conceived by donations after 1 January 1998 have unconditional access to their parental donor information.

The Victorian Government has six months to respond to the committee’s report.