Traralgon flood mitigation ‘crucial’

FLOODING overlays on properties close to Traralgon Creek and the slow rising of water levels have aroused fears among property owners.

Residents living along Whittakers Road and neighbouring properties fear they will be subject to flooding “more adversely than before” if no action is taken to maintain the creek.

Tennyson Street resident Adrian ‘Richard’ Green said a collection of dead stumps and an overgrowth of grass near the creek blocked the flow of water, which could potentially be “hazardous” to residents in the area.

“No action is being taken to allow good water flow which is paramount to minimising flood,” Mr Green said.

“Yet, Latrobe City states that it supports assistance to minimise flood.

“It’s just not fair; why should we be put at risk when (Latrobe City Council) aren’t doing their job to clean up the area.”

According to Mr Green, residents have previously approached council on the issue.

He said he feared Latrobe City would face a devaluation of “many properties” if it failed to undertake “immediate action”.

Council is currently replacing the lower level of Franklin Street bridge with a two-span reinforced concrete bridge, in an effort to help prevent it from being inundated by flood waters.

When The Journal questioned council about the creek, the issue was referred to West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, which is working in partnership with council on the Traralgon Creek.

WGCMA chief executive Martin Fuller confirmed plans to clean up the creek were currently being executed.

“Recent wet weather conditions have meant we have been unable to get our heavy machinery in to do the clean ups, but with a break in the weather works will re-start on the creek within the next fortnight,” Mr Fuller said.

WGCMA recently undertook a clean-up of the Traralgon Creek, which Mr Green welcomed, with cautious optimism, as “a good start”.

He said while he was “pleased with any work being done to minimise floods”, he hoped the relevant authorities would continue to take “all action required” to secure the safety of its residents.