Fabric of life on show

LIFE’S challenges will be depicted in an emotional Fabric Art exhibition on show at the Court House Traralgon, this weekend.

Fabric Art Group will feature Lyndal Boulton, Laurel Davey, Emily Munson and Bev Palmer’s recent and best pieces, and will portray the “human journey” through fabric collages of contemporary issues.

The group formed in 1984 following the Traralgon Uniting Church Minister’s invitation to make a thought provoking “banner” which “wasn’t wildly accepted because of the style”.

The creative fabric works will showcase issues including poverty, investment and business ethics, climate change, corruption, international and local balance of power, work and leisure and refugees.

Founding artist Ms Palmer said it was “satisfying” when issues were powerfully executed in fabric art.

“We find it communicates spirit to spirit, not necessarily through the brain but through the emotions,” Ms Palmer said.

“We often ask ‘what emotion are we trying to express through this piece’ because that is what we are going to portray.”

She said their work had evoked strong responses from visitors to their exhibitions across Victoria.

“The insights perceived by these people are often far beyond our original intention and we are greatly moved by the way God seems to speak through the fabric art we have created,” Ms Palmer said.

“It’s just a group of people expressing ourselves and being creative with fabric, not in a traditional way because we don’t sew and we seldom glue.

“The most significant thing about it is that we all work together right from the idea to turning it into a design to the finished piece.”

Fellow artist Ms Davey said the depiction of life’s challenges could trigger different emotions.

“It is depends where you are at the time of your life as to what emotions it triggers, if you are down in your life, you might see it one way, if you are joyous, you may feel uplifted,” Ms Davey said.

“We encourage people to pause, look and reflect on their journey through life, its wonder, beauty and the divine mystery.”

Fabric Art will be on display from Thursday to Sunday at the Court House, Franklin Street, Traralgon.

For more information phone Bev Palmer on 5174 8724.