Flood figures for reservoirs

SOUTHERN Rural Water has updated its flood management figures for Latrobe Valley’s water reservoirs.

A major flood warning remains on the Thomson River below Cowwarr Weir, which was releasing its current intake of 54 megalitres per day as of 12.30pm this afternoon, where the intake trend is expected to fall.

Recreation facilities at Cowwarr Weir have been closed, and are likely to remain closed for the remainder of the week.

Water levels at Blue Rock Lake have reached capacity, and is currently taking on 11.7 megalitres per day, as it moves to increase the current release rate of 3.5ML per day.

Downstream water levels in Lake Narracan continue to rise, where intake has grown to 8ML per day, while water releases have stepped up to 27.6ML per day.

The moderate flood warning issued downstream on the Latrobe River at Thoms Bridge remains in place.

Further updates are expected at 14.30pm.