No movement on freeway: VicRoads

THE Princes Freeway near Morwell, which was shut for several months after cracks appeared following heavy rain early last year, has not recorded any movement after Tuesday’s earthquake and the recent spate of wet weather, says VicRoads.

In response to a query from The Express, VicRoads regional director Sebastian Motta said VicRoads had not received any reports of road damage in relation to the tremors.

“However as a precaution, crews have patrolled major roads throughout the Latrobe Valley this morning to check for any damage,” Mr Motta said.

“No land movement was detected by the equipment monitoring the freeway near Morwell and no damage has been found during follow up inspections of that section of road.”

When asked if the floods from a fortnight ago had affected the same section of the Princes Freeway, Mr Motta said VicRoads had a comprehensive real-time monitoring process to detect any movement in the vicinity of the highway near Morwell.

“This equipment has not detected any movement since the freeway was reopened in September last year,” Mr Motta said.