Tigers sneak ahead to take the points

The Gippsland Tigers outmuscled Geelong in wet and wild conditions on Sunday in Traralgon, to take the win 3.5.22 to 2.4.16 in the over 47s.

The Geelong 47s matched up well with the Tigers and as expected, nothing separated the sides for most of the day.

Both backlines controlled the general play, with typical wet weather footy skills needed for most of this match.

John Crosby and Danny Shaw dominated the middle and Allan Cootes battled hard in the ruck.

Brad Darcy and Marc Callow controlled the key back posts, while Shane Hollingsworth and Mal Hurrall gave the side targets up forward in a day not conducive to big marking forwards.

First-timer Steve Van Rooy impressed, and Neil Lewis was strong returning after a few seasons off.

Anthony Fultam, Kevin Rutter and Peter Falls were others who got plenty of the ball and Chris Whykes and Tim Sexton in their first games got better as the game progressed.

The 47s copped the worst of the rain and scoring on the day was very difficult, but the Tigers prevailed, coming away with a handy six-point victory played in great sprit between very even sides.

The best players were John Crosby, Brad Darcy, Shane Hollingsworth, Steve Van Rooy, Chris Whyte and Anthony Fultham.

The goalkickers were Shane Hollingsworth, Neil Mackenzie and Tim Sexton who all scored one each.

Over 35

The 35s completely outclassed an undermanned Cats, keeping them goalless, 15.12.102 to 0.4.4.

With Geelong unfortunately let down by many if their younger players not fronting, many of their 47s had to back up again and quickly ran out of legs from the heavy conditions.

Bruce Siddle stood out early for the Tigers and gave Wayne Hicks, Colin Mackrell and Mick Salerno first use of the ball.

Danny Reid, Peter Kavadias, Bernie Gallert and Kevin Whitehead mopped up at will in the back half and Michael Peterson dominated the forward line kicking three in the opening quarter.

The second term was even better, with the locals kicking a further six as Geelong struggled to go past its half forward line and when they did, Russell Ludby and Wayne Paulett had a field day running from defence.

Scoring dried up in the second half as the Tigers changed positions to ensure everyone got touches, yet this probably upset the team structures as players adapted to new positions.

Overall it was a polished performance by the Tigers played in difficult conditions.

To the Cats’ credit, restricting the Tigers to only four second-half goals was a tremendous effort considering that the majority backed up for two games.

The best players were Michael Peterson, Bruce Siddle, Colin Mackrell, Joe Demaria, Michael Salerno and Kevin Whitehead.

The goalkickers were Michael Peterson (four), Michael Salerno, Mick Siddle, Peter Kavadias all with two each, while Royce Frantz, Shane Golding, Grant Musgrove, Colin Mackrell and Danny Reid kicked one each.