Power generator recovering

YALLOURN Power Station has successfully reinstated a third power generator this week, after boosting coal supplies from its water-logged mine.

A spokeswoman for TRUenergy, the power station and adjacent brown coal mine’s operator, confirmed yesterday the third generator had come online at 3am yesterday morning, after initial plans to bring the third generator online by Monday were extended.

The recent reinstatement of a coal supply conveyor belt has allowed the company to boost its coal supply from the East Field mine, which continues to take on water, while the company drains water from the near-capacity West Field mine.

“The river is continuing to be diverted into the East Field mine although inflows are decreasing as some river water is being transferred to (West Field),” the spokeswoman said.

“Work is continuing to put in place the river-to-river transfer of the Morwell River through pipes and pumping to Latrobe River, without entering the (East Field) mining areas.

“Partial flows are expected to begin (through the river-to-river transfer) this week and progressively be increased to full capacity by mid-August.”

The entire coal supply line was shut down in early June when the Morwell River diversion, which runs through the coal mine, burst its banks after heavy rains.