Uncertain future for icon

THE iconic Ostler’s House in Traralgon’s uncertain future will continue after Latrobe City Council ordered the owner to re-advertise the proposed demolition.

The small brick building located behind Ryan’s Hotel, believed to have been built in the late 1800s to house stablemen who looked after coach horses, sparked significant community interest following the application to demolish the site.

Latrobe City manager city planning Chris Wightman said council had received a number of submissions regarding the application.

“We weren’t satisfied with how the advertisement was done before and we have requested that the applicant re-advertise,” Mr Wightman said.

Advertising will include site notices on the street frontage and notification to adjoining landowners.

“We have reiterated what we want and how we would like the advertisement to be undertaken, so the application will need to provide us with a statutory declaration to say ‘yes, we have addressed council requirements’,” Mr Wightman said.

“And yes, we will be checking.”

Before the closure of the community notification period of the previous demolition application last month, Traralgon businessman and owner Michael Nicola defended the application and said the building had deteriorated and was now a public risk.

“If people want to have a look, I advise them not to get too close because it is collapsing,” Mr Nicola said.

Mr Wightman said the state of the site would be considered when it was brought before council.

“That will be one of the factors council will assess as part of the planning application and was put forward by the applicant as part of their justification,” he said.

“We will assess that when we undertake the final assessment once the advertising is concluded.”

Public submissions regarding the demolition of Ostler’s House are still open and will be accepted until council vote on the application, which is expect to be in November.