Fast-moving fires threaten towns

DETAILS of the bushfire in the area north of Rosedale, in the Glenmaggie area, are trickling in, with the Country Fire Authority saying the fires have moved “significantly faster” than expected. 

Speaking to the media in Seaton on Friday, CFA Heyfield Incident Controller Laurie Jeremiah said the areas of Seaton and Glenmaggie were suffering the worst of the impact presently.

“One family in Seaton was trapped in the house for a while, but they managed to escape and are safe,” Mr Jeremiah said.

He confirmed up to five houses had been lost.

He advised residents in Licola to “stay there and prepare”.

There is only one road in and out of Licola.

“At the moment, we have about 50 CFA tankers and 20 equivalent from Department of Sustainability and Environment, so 70 appliances in total with 200 people,” he said.

Mr Jeremiah said a CFA crew caught when flames went over the top of the truck are safe.

He could not confirm where the crew was from and how many hectares had been burnt.

The fires are reported to have burnt through more than 25,000 hectares as at midday Friday.