Premier makes surprise visit

VICTORIAN premier Ted Baillieu, accompanied by Department of Sustainability and Environment chief fire officer Alan Goodwin, made an unannounced arrival at the DSE Airbase in Traralgon on Friday afternoon.

They are expected to be taken to the regional control centre and the Heyfield Incident Control Centre.

“We want to make sure people get the support they need, and take the opportunity to look at the regional control centre,” Mr Baillieu told The Express.

Describing the fire as “quick and big”, Mr Baillieu said people needed to pay due attention to the fire situation in their areas. 

Mr Goodwin said despite the cool change coming through, firefighting crews were still busy.

“There is still a lot of risk, especially in the Glenmaggie area,” Mr Goodwin said.

“Now it is all about asset protection; the fire has burnt through more than 20,000 hectares.”