Boxer endorsed as candidate

INTERNATIONAL Boxing Organisation super-featherweight world champion Will Tomlinson will stand for the Palmer United Party in the seat of Gippsland at the next federal election.

Mr Tomlinson, who originates from Bairnsdale, was announced yesterday by federal PUP leader Clive Palmer, along with candidates for other Victorian seats, bringing the total number of PUP candidates to more than 125 nationally.

Mr Palmer said he had now almost completed endorsing PUP candidates in all House of Representative seats and a Senate team in each state and territory.

Speaking with The Express yesterday Mr Tomlinson said PUP Senate candidate and former world champion boxer Barry Michael had suggested he join the PUP campaign.

“He said I should have a look at Clive’s policies so I did, and I think they could definitely be implemented in the Gippsland region,” Mr Tomlinson said.

“The way I look at it they are no-brainers, just simple straight down the line policies…it’s little improvements to make the government work for the average Joe.”

When asked which policies particularly appealed to him, Mr Tomlinson cited the abolishment of the carbon tax as one which would “look after Aussies, by creating more jobs for Australians in Australia”.

Mr Tomlinson confirmed he now lived in Melbourne, but said “I am born and bred in Bairnsdale and I still spend a lot of time back home”. The champion boxer said the heavy workload of his sport now “consumed” him but “I am looking forward to the (election) challenge”, adding “I am a natural competitor and I like to win”.