Union denies bullying claims

THE Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has responded to claims by EnergyAustralia workers not locked out of the Yallourn plant of were the victims of harassment and threatening behaviour as they entered and left the site.

EnergyAustralia executive manager, operations and construction Michael Hutchinson said on Friday “the work of these employees prevents hundreds of other workers being stood down”.

CFMEU lead negotiator in the dispute in which 75 operators were locked out late last month, Greg Hardy, said his members were engaged in peaceful protest and had not done anything unlawful.

Mr Hardy said members had “quite possibly” spoken to workers entering the site.

“Obviously people will ask them why they’re participating in the company’s strategy of sending 75 workers broke,” Mr Hardy said.

However he denied the conversations had been of a threatening nature.

“People are aware of the rights of others and told to be respectful and well-behaved.”