Introducing your federal election candidates

THE Federal election will be held on 7 September and numerous candidates have thrown their hats in the ring so far, ready to challenge local sitting Members of Parliament.

The seat of Gippsland, held by an 11 per cent margin by National Party member Darren Chester, will be contested by at least four candidates while McMillan, held by Liberal Party member Russell Broadbent by just over four per cent, will be contested by six candidates.

This week The Express asked candidates to briefly introduce their platforms.


John Parker  – Independent

This region faces serious job and poverty challenges. We need local, real and viable solutions to job creation and poverty alleviation, not grand statements. I have been fighting for local jobs for decades, for job creation, for quality jobs and solutions to the unacceptably high unemployment rate among our youth.

Russell Broadbent – Liberal Party

Member for McMillan, Russell Broadbent, says next month’s election will give voters a clear choice between more of the same from Labor and real change from the Coalition.

“At this election, the Coalition offers strong, experienced and stable government, to deliver a stronger economy with more jobs and real help for families and small business,” he said.

Anthony Naus – Australian Labor Party

I’m standing as the Labor candidate for McMillan where I have lived all my life. I believe it is essential to invest in Australian children with the Federal Government’s Gonski Better Schools Plan. I also support action on climate change; transitioning to a clean economy, and the National Broadband Network.

Dr Malcolm McKelvie – The Greens

Voters are looking for an alternative to the old parties. The Greens are standing up for people and the environment. We strongly oppose coal seam gas mining, support strong action on climate change and fair treatment for asylum seekers.

David Amor – Katter’s Australia Party

David Amor was born in Warragul in 1966 and schooled at Wonthaggi Technical School. Running his mechanical business for the last 20 years, Mr Amor and his family of eight have lived in the seat of McMillan their entire lives. His primary focus is with CSG, and ensuring a future in Gippsland for industry, infrastructure and agriculture.

Matthew Sherry – Palmer United Party

I believe in an equal Australia, I believe in a working class Australia and I’m listening to all issues. I am all about issues close to home, I am all about (what is) fair. The people in my electorate will get fair. That’s the Matt Sherry and the Palmer United Party guarantee.

Ben Staggard – Australian Sex Party

The Express has been unable to obtain any information from Mr Staggard.


Darren Chester – National Party

Community confidence has been shattered by Labor’s wasteful spending, record debt, border control failures and policies like the carbon tax. We can do better than this. I’m working to protect local jobs and secure a fairer share of government funding for local roads and key services like health, education, childcare, aged care and disability support.

Peter Gardner – Independent (Climate Emergency)

I am standing as a climate emergency independent. I think climate change is far worse than either the media or the politicians are telling us. I am opposed to all fossil fuel developments and I have a plan on my wesbite,, which is about changing the Latrobe Valley to renewable energy over a period of time, and this will create more jobs.

Jeff McNeill – Australian Labor Party

Five-time Paralympian, farmer, councillor, and small business manager Jeff McNeill wants a better deal for Gippslanders. As the Labor candidate, Mr McNeill said he would the NBN was delivered to all of Gippsland and that we have better access to health and education services. He said he would want to see a fairer Gippsland.

Scott Campbell-Smith – The Greens

Scott Campbell-Smith, 46, lives in Cabbage Tree Creek with his partner and two young children. “The Greens oppose all unconventional gas, unreservedly. Our campaign platform includes packages of support for farmers to transition to clean energy and market their goods locally. We want to see a transition to clean energy in the Latrobe Valley that cares for those communities and secures them a future.”

Douglas Leitch – Australian Sex Party

The Express has been unable to obtain Mr Leitch’s information.