Plea for increase across the board

Current apprentices were “frustrated” the recently announced wage increases would not apply to them.

Second-year apprentice hairdressers Courtney Effenberg and Steph Vicino earn about $387 a week and were dismayed to learn an apprentice starting next year would earn more than they did.

“I think if one apprentice gets a pay rise it’s unfair not to raise the wages of all apprentices,” 17 year-old Courtney said.

“I think a lot of people think apprentices aren’t important,” 19 year-old Ms Vicino said.

“Everyone says ‘well you don’t deserve to be paid much because you don’t bring money into the salon’, but we do a lot of things for the (qualified hairdressers) and make it easier for them to do their job.”

The girls said their current pay wasn’t enough, especially when considering extra TAFE-related fees.

“We do get money from the government, but that’s spent in six months,” Ms Vicino said.

“It’s so expensive. I bought a book a couple of months ago that cost $300.”