A triple threat

A TRARALGON triple threat performer will travel to the United States in December for the second time to undergo intensive master classes in Hollywood with the finest people in show business.

Rebekah Symons was invited to participate in the performing arts program for the second year running as she was the “perfect fit” for the now titled 2013 GLEEClub StraightEdge Talent Development Project’s new theme.

She is a down-to-earth, straight-edged teen who was trustworthy and, most importantly, a triple threat – someone who can sing, dance and act.

With access to Hollywood casting agents and others who know the business, the program, which includes master classes and performances, will shape 25 young performers to fit in with the American performing arts market.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the professionals in the US who have gone through what we’re going through and to perform at Disneyland again,” Rebekah said.

“The name Glee is not related to the show, it’s more the singing, the acting and the dancing and getting into the musical theatre or TV industry; we meet those types of people and they tell us what they’re looking for and how to get up in the American market.”

“They’re different to Australia, they can be meaner, they’re tougher, you’ve got to know what you’re doing – you can’t just rock up one day.”

Rebekah said the program would hopefully be a further step towards a performing career and was perfectly timed, even though the training was extensive and included boot camp from 6am and nine hours of almost non-stop dancing each day.

“I’d like to try (the American market) before I get too old; I’d love to be in a musical even if it’s in Melbourne; I’d love to be a commercial dancer for music videos and movies,” she said.

“It’s less about performing this year, it’s more about gaining skills, confidence and getting better.”