Charity money stolen

Charity tins stolen from Moe stores has disappointed a fundraising stalwart for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Darrell Benjamin, who has raised money for the appeal in Moe, Newborough and Yallourn for 35 years, said he was so disappointed three tins had been stolen in the past few months.

Mr Benjamin said he discovered the most recent burglary last week; with about 40 tins stolen since his involvement with the appeal.

The tins are located in 74 shops, hotels and banks throughout the area and are placed on bench tops – encouraging community members to donate their spare change.

“It really varies, but on average a full tin has about $50 to $100 worth of coins in it,” Mr Benjamin said.

“I collect the tins from establishments that have poker machines once a week and all others every two weeks.

“They have chains, but the thieves are slipping the rings off them and leaving the chain.”

Mr Benjamin, who was trying to reach a $1 million total raised in this area next year, said he was on track to meet the target despite the setbacks, with $980,000 raised so far.

In October Mr Benjamin received the inaugural Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award for his efforts.

He asked thieves to reconsider their actions.

“I would just like to say to those people who are taking the tins that sometime they might need those facilities for their kids or grandkids,” Mr Benjamin said.