Carpenter refused bail

A 37 year-old Trafalgar man charged with threats to kill was refused bail at Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Jason Carpenter faces 13 charges relating to an incident in Trafalgar on Monday and has been remanded in custody until he appears in court again on 20 January.

The accused allegedly walked into the Criterion Hotel while “heavily intoxicated” on Monday afternoon with an imitation firearm in his pocket and asked to see the licensee.

Witnesses spotted the handle of the imitation western-style revolver and Carpenter was asked to leave, the court heard.

He then walked to the carpark behind the hotel and pulled out the weapon.

A male witness took the gun from Carpenter and threw it away.

The accused recovered the weapon and approached two local women known to him, the court heard.

When asked by one of the women if the gun was real, he replied “do you want to find out?” before allegedly putting the imitation firearm to his own head then the other woman’s head.

Warragul police were called to the scene, and shortly after arriving drew their firearms, calling on the accused to drop his weapon.

Carpenter did not comply, instead running across the Princes Highway, dropping the weapon on the median strip before crossing the railway line with police chasing on foot, the court heard.

The accused was arrested on the north side of the tracks.

Magistrate Clive Alsop refused to grant bail, taking into account the impact on the victims.

The prosecution and defence acknowledged the accused’s alcohol issues.

Carpenter was deemed suitable for the Court Integrated Services Program, which he had successfully completed previously for alcohol issues.

The defence lawyer highlighted this in Carpenter’s unsuccessful application for bail.