Opportunistic thieves target Old Gippstown

More than $1500 worth of power tools were stolen from one of Old Gippstown’s sheds during the power outage on Sunday night

Old Gippstown manager Jodie Rainbow said the stolen tools, including a welder, were used by participants in the ‘work for the dole’ and Department of Justice community work program run at the park.

Ms Rainbow said the workshop manager discovered the missing tools and contacted police at 8am this morning. 

 She said the thieves appeared to have gained access by cutting a hole in the fence and removed tin from the shed to escape with the tools.

“This is the second theft of power tools we’ve had in the last 12 months. 

“Last time it was about $1000 worth and we haven’t been able to replace those yet,” Ms Rainbow said. 

Ms Rainbow said the park would be grateful for donations and anyone wishing to donate money or tools can phone her on 0499 028 008.