Blaze threatens Rosedale homes

A fire which began near Farrells Lane, south-east of Rosedale on Saturday afternoon came close to burning through the Holey Plains State Park and pine plantations in the area, according to Incident Controller Graeme Taylor.

Mr Taylor said the weather conditions and the location of the fire made it a dangerous situation that had potential to develop quickly and threaten lives and property south and east of Rosedale.

“Rapid response by Department of Environment and Primary Industries and CFA crews and immediate deployment of aircraft and dozers to support them meant we were able to get on top of the fire successfully in the early stages, before the wind pushed it further into the state park,” Mr Taylor said.

“We had crews reporting flame height of up to 15 metres initially, whipped up by the strong northerly winds and throwing spotfires into the park and close to the plantations.

The fire was contained at 20 hectares and the cause of the fire is under investigation. It is believed to have started on private property.