No smoke where children play

Latrobe City Council has welcomed the ban on smoking where children play, which came into force this month.

Smoking is now prohibited within a 10-metre radius of outdoor children’s playground equipment and skate parks that are open to the public.

Bans also apply to the outdoor areas of all public swimming pools and at sporting venues during under 18s sporting events.

Latrobe City mayor Sharon Gibson said there were more than 150 venues in the Latrobe Valley to which the new bans apply.

“These bans, introduced by the Victorian Government, will make our recreational facilities that children use smoke-free and will address parents’ concerns about passive smoking,” Councillor Gibson said.

“We are supportive of this move to protect the health of our young people in Latrobe and reduce smoking rates and we hope the smoking community respects the new laws.

“We will take an educative approach to ensure that smokers are aware of where they can and cannot smoke around Latrobe City.”

Council, in partnership with GippSport, QUIT Victoria and Healthy Together Latrobe, is raising awareness of the new smoking bans by displaying signs that promote the changes where children play.

For more information visit or phone Healthy Together Latrobe’s Debbie Mitchell on 5128 5610 or email