Resident’s claims watered down

A MOE resident is disappointed with the quality of his tap water after experiencing discolouration over the past two years.

Following Gippsland Water routine maintenance work to the Moe network in April 2012, retiree Steven Fodor, 64, has had brown water coming out of his laundry, kitchen taps and toilet.

“I went to Gippsland Water two years ago and showed them this (samples of dark water) and they ignored it,” Mr Fodor said.

“They didn’t send me a report of what was in it.”

Since then, Mr Fodor said his water had improved, but it would become dark again every six months.

“Occasionally, every now and then, it’s still black or it will be white, which means the chlorine is excessive. Black or white, it’s not good,” Mr Fodor said.

In a statement to The Express, a Gippsland Water spokesperson said they were unable to answer questions relating to Mr Fodor’s claims due to privacy issues.

The spokesperson said there were occasions where routine maintenance may result in some short-term discolouration of water.

“For example during April 2012 Gippsland Water was carrying out routine maintenance in the Moe area, which might typically change the appearance of tap water for a very short period of time,” the spokesperson said.

“Ever water sample across Gippsland Water’s network in 2012 was compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and for the Moe system.

“There has been no non-compliance with these standards between 2012 and 2014.”